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Top 5 Indie Bundles: Great Games, Awesome Prices, Good Causes

The phenomenon of Indie bundles has really taken off, with plenty of organisations jumping on the bandwagon to put together Indie game bundles that consist of some great games (and some not) which support charity. Even big companies like THQ have jumped on the bandwagon with their THQ Humble Bundle.

Here are the Top 5 Indie Bundles out there (some for not too much longer)

Bundle Stars - Dynamite Bundle

8 Games for $6.71 - Nice games and all available via Steam for convenience.

Bundle Stars.JPG 

A launch video for this bundle:

GamersGate IndieFort Bundles

4 Games at around $4 (potential for more games)


There are a variety of IndieFort bundles that GamersGate are running between 23 November until 27 December. The current bundle has 4 basic games in it, but depending on how many are sold, you could actually end of with all of these:

  • 1000 sales: Zombie Shooter, Human Tanks OST, SPAZ OST
  • 2000 sales: Alien Shooter Revisited, Syder Arcade Android, Aeon Command OST
  • 3000 sales: A.Typical RPG, Caster Mac, Zombies OST, Achron OST
  • 4000 sales: Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded, Storm over the Pacific, Bridge-it Add-on, Syder Arcade OST

 The tell-all video:

IndieGala 11

10 games for $3.86

Also some really great titles for under $4 and available via Steam.


Check out the video

Groupees Be Mine 6

7 games for $1 OR 12 games for $5

The bundle is a nice combination of some pretty great games and soundtracks. Great mix.

$1 Bundle:

Groupees 1.JPG

Additions for $5 Bundle:

Groupees 2.JPG


5 games for $0.99 or $2.92 for 11 games

The basic games:

bundleinabox 1.JPG

The extras

bundleinabox 2.JPG 

Indie Bundles in general

Not only are Indie Bundles great opportunities to get some great games at really cheap prices, they're also an opportunity for gamers to support charities. Sure, some of the charities are not in your country, but hey, does it matter as long as you are helping your fellow man?

Most games are also DRM free, a bunch of payment options are available (yes, Paypal is normally an option) and you can generally decide how your money is distributed between the charity, the developers and the organisation running the bundle.

These are great initiatives to support, so go select a bundle and go buy it. Magic word? NOW!

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