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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Hardpoint

Hardpoint is one of the newest game modes to have been added to the latest Call of Duty title: Black Ops 2. The mode has received a great response from the community, being both the public and competitive crowds. Today we will look at the Hardpoint game-type in an in-depth coverage in an attempt to get your increase your knowledge and decrease your opponents spirits. 

Before we jump into all the intricate details let first give a basic rundown of exactly what Hardpoint is; Hardpoint is game mode that is based on area/point control. This means that you/and or your team mate must be in a certain area to be able to gain points. If an opponent is in the same area as you at the same time the zone will be 'contested' and no points will be awarded. These areas rotate to four locations throughout the map in a linear (non-random) order, thus knowing the rotation of these areas is essential. So with that note lets get into area rotation. 

Area Rotation

As mentioned earlier the maps rotate around four capture points. If you know where the points are going to be you will be able to make better decisions regarding the movement of you and your team. 

Bellow I have included one of the six most used maps in Black Ops 2. The rotation is indicated by the numbering, thus '1' will be the first position and '2' the second etc. 


*to view all six maps please check the gallery at the bottom of the page

Map Control

One of the most important things to being successful in Hardpoint is map control. Hardpoint only requires one person to be in the capture point for your team to gain points. That, in turn, allows for the other teammates to try control the area around the capture point. This is done best when players cut off choke points surrounding the capture point, whilst keeping in mind where the next capture point is. Remember that you don't want to dominate one area just to be shutout of the next. That is why the knowledge of the rotation is crucial.

So what can you do? Well, by dedicating your numbers to areas/control points according to how much potential points can be earned. Meaning that there is no reason to have 4 players on one point when there is only 5 seconds worth of points to be gained, especially when the next capture zone is about to be up. 


How to push a Hardpoint.

In Hardpoint there are two occasions when your going to want to push for a capture zone. Firstly when the game starts and secondly when its in the oppositions control. So first things fist, when the game starts the capture point will usually be in an area that is equidistant from both teams initial spawn location. This allows for both teams to have a fair opportunity to run to the capture point and reach the area at the same time.

So one of the biggest no no's is for you and your team to all run in at the same time through the same area, due to the fact that you will become the easiest target for you opponents to take out. Rather push the hardpoint through separate areas and have your players dedicated to certain roles. For example the rush player will rush the area and throw stuns, thereby slowing down the opposition. The second will clean up, meaning that if the rush player didn't take out his opposition they should still be stunned. This allows for the second player to get relatively easy kills. Whilst the other players control other major choke points. Dedicating roles will help your team drastically in being able to control Hardpoint locations effectively. 

Moving on to when the opposition is in control of the Hardpoint. So here is the situation: your team is out of control of the Hardpoint and the enemy is racking up some major points. Your going to need to get in there and try prevent further damage ASAP. What so many players revert to in this situation, is to rush in to the Hardpoint and get themselves killed. This is what I like to think of the 'drip' method, where players drip in one at time and get picked off easily by the opposition in an attempt to stop the enemy gaining more points immediately. Rather, let the opposition gain a couple of points and co-ordinate a push from multiple directions.

Consider Hardpoint a war on a very small scale, where the capture points are the battles. We all know the saying: You may have won the battle and not the war. This is the attitude you need to take when playing Hardpoint because sacrificing one point, no matter how much you want to jump in there and kill everyone, can lead to you dominating the next. 

That concludes the Hardpoint Tips and Tricks if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of the page or send a message to anyone of the following links. 

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