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Top Tuesday: Top 5 Best reveals of VGA 10

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The 10th Video Game Awards show was held last week and by all accounts (meaning my opinion) it was as rubbish as ever. The Inception style commercials within an even bigger commercial, masquerading as an a award show featured disinterested celebs squawking on about "how much they looooovvvveeee Mario" and, miraculously, Samuel L. Jackson not being very entertaining.

But if the VGAs are good for anything, it's unleashing new games on the world, that often times no-one even knew were in development; or at the very least revealing new info about games. This year the surprises weren't as numerous, but what they lacked in quantity they made up for with quality.

For a run down at the nights winners go here, but for now here's the best reveals of VGA 10:

Gears of War: Judgement

The plot of the Gears of Wars trilogy is by no means its stand out feature, but I'll admit to having a soft spot for those meat-head caricatures of actually human beings. And I'll give the games credit for at least trying to infuse some personality into its characters. Throughout the trilogy, my favourite character managed to get the short end of the stick in the development department and to fix that his getting his own game. Gears of War: Judgement headlines Baird as his tried for war crimes within the first 30 days of the Locust War, which seems like the perfect time for the human to turning on each other.

Tomb Raider

I been intrigued by the Tomb Raider reboot from the first image of the new Lara that featured on the cover of Gameinformer a few years back. Managing to watch the gameplay walk-through at last years RAGE Expo completely sold me on the new game. Now this new trailer means is causing a great big bulge in my pants. Because my wallet is trying to fly out of my pocket... what were you think?

Dark Souls II

If you the kind of person that enjoys regularly getting kicking in the nuts, good news! Dark Souls is getting a sequel. Expect the same level of masochism to be on show as before, but don't worry, according to the game's director Tomohiro Shibuya "[Dark Souls 2] will be more straightforward and more understandable.” So basically you'll still get kicked in the nuts, you'll just have a better understanding of why. Which of course makes the kick the nuts less painful.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 The first Lords of Shadow was a way better game than most people expected it be, more than worthy of a follow-up. But here's the thing, if you didn't play the first one, maybe don't watch this trailer. There is a huge ass twist at the end of the first game and the entire sequel is built on that twist. So if you're spoiler averse, like me, go play Lords of Shadow first and then come back here. It's cool, we'll wait.

The Phantom Pain
No one had even heard of this game until the trailer debuted on the VGAs. And now its all people are talking about. Firstly because the trailer is all gameplay, which means that this is hands down, now the best looking game ever. And secondly, because this game may not be something other than what it appears to be. Hint: it rhymes with Bolid Bake.

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