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Scientology: The Video Game

The three main points that I think summarise Scientology are the following:

  1. It’s probably not completely wise to join a quasi-religious organisation developed by a science-fiction writer who spent the last years of his life surrounded by little girls on his private yacht.\
  2. Scientology is the reason that you can no longer find any videos of Tom Cruise’s highly embarrassing “couch incident” on the Oprah show because they removed all trace of it from the entire Internet.
  3. They sue people lots which is why I’m going to stop saying things about them now and let other people say stuff for me.




Australian Developers Elevator Entertainment are going to release a game based on Scientology. The game, titled The Source, parodies the doctrine of the religion (or whatever you want to call it). Speaking to, Elevator Entertainment said:

 Like all great things that you see in the media, Scientology has a healthy presence in the public sphere. We see it referenced in TV shows, it is the subject of news reports, etc. We feel parody is a great opportunity to bring in humour into projects and break the ice amongst all the other serious stuff you here about. Having stumbled onto the topic over a nostalgic game on the Super Nintendo, we couldn't help but see how the story of Scientology could be mistaken for a game. If someone hadn’t already done it- we didn’t want to miss the opportunity for a bit of fun...Strangely enough, a lot of the seemingly exaggerated aspects evident in our video (such as the history of Xenu and the Cereal Box enemies) are actually fairly accurate. We barely need to make fun of a lot of the elements of Scientology because they are already so cartoonish! But perhaps it is no more than other religions? I guess that's what happens when your religion was made up by a sci-fi novelist...

Watch a preview of the game here (I actually think it's rather adorable):

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