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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Shotguns

Welcome back soldiers to week 3 of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tips and tricks. If you managed to fall through the cracks and miss any of the previous tips and tricks, then don’t worry it’s not like they going anywhere. In week 1 we covered Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) and in week 2 it was all about Assault Rifles. This week it is all about getting up close and personal with your opposition, so strap on those elbow and knee pads because this week we are talking shotguns.  

In Black Ops 2 shotguns can play a vital role as long as you keep within the parameters of a shotgun-styled game play. That game play involves you keeping to areas of high cover and narrow passages, by doing this you will increase your amount of kills and drastically decrease your death count. However, by doing so you’re going to the best shotgun for the job. So without further delay, crack those knuckles and get ready to get grip some steel as we dive into the world of shotguns.

In Black Ops 2 we have only four shotguns to choose from so this week let us do all four starting from best to worst.



Also known as the ‘close ranged sniper’ the KSG is a unique shotgun that fires a single slug that acts as a single bullet. This translates to it having no spread damage at all, which means that when you have this weapon in your hand you are rewarded with the sweet one shot kill when on target and the embarrassment when you’re not. The KSG also has the best range in its class which means that mid-range battles are entirely possible. The fact that the KSG is a pump action shotgun means that you need to make that initial first shot count, due to the time lost trying to get the next slug in the barrel. My best advice for this class is that you lower you sensitivity, therefore increasing your accuracy because if you miss you are going to be caught with your pants around your ankles.

#2- R870 MCS


The MCS is an extremely powerful pump action shotgun that offers a high damage and a decent range. This shotgun allows for great hip fire accuracy with a good chance of a one hit kill from close to mid range. What the MCS allows for that the KSG doesn’t is the opportunity for the user to be less accurate and still kill opponents. However, with a decreased range you’re going to have to be much closer to ensure that one hit kill.

#3 S12


The S12 comes in at our number 3 spot due to its lack in range. The S12 is a semi-automatic shotgun that I like to refer to as the room-cleaner. Why? Well it does just that, in areas of high traffic and small space it is by far the most deadly. The fire rate allows for you to get out enough shells and do substantial damage. If your struggling to think of the best mode to use this gun. Stop thinking because the name of that mode is: hardpoint.

#4 M1216


Bringing up the rear is the M1216, this weapon is by far the most frustrating shotgun in the game. The shotguns feature it being the only fully automatic shot with a rechamber every four rounds. This means that the shotguns shells do little damage, whilst being able to shoot at a fast fire rate. Call me over critical, but stay away from this weapon at all costs......its garbage.

That concludes our Tips & Tricks for this weeks, next week’s it’s time to get your eye focused because we’re talking: Sniper rifles

What other Tips and Tricks would you like to see? Please keep us posted by commenting below or asking us on twitter. 

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