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Steam Big Picture now playing on your TV

So the geniuses at Valve decided that it’s totally unacceptable to park on your couch, play games and NOT have Steam available at your fingertips. Why should comfy gaming be exclusive to controllers? They defiantly asked, then they set out to make Steam Big Picture a must have, and yesterday it was declared a reality.

So in a classic case of boy meets girl, or in this case, TV meets PC, the perfect romance was struck. To celebrate this glorious union, Steam announced its Big Picture Celebration Sale, let’s take a look at what it adds to your comfort level and which games you can play 'PC free'.


Look mom, no mouse!

So Steam Big Picture delivers gaming via the Steam platform to your TV, without the need for a keyboard and mouse. From installation right through to jamming away, all you need is your controller, and Bob’s your uncle. Well, that’s for the full controller support games, there are also partial controller titles that will from time to time need the mouse and keyboard, so pay close attention when you buy said titles.

Gaming is of course, not the only benefit of Steam; it has its fingers in all the gaming pies, so to speak. It’s a powerful social media platform, has a massive game library and let’s not forget the Workshop. This all means that you can take the chat to the couch, access the Steam library of over 9 000 games and design away from the comfort of your living room.

To make this dream a reality, connect your PC or Mac to the TV with a HDMI cable and grab your controller. Did I mention you can also surf the Web with Big Picture? Yes yes you can, it comes with a Web browser that is accessible from within the Big Picture UI, even while playing games on TV!

The Big Picture was designed to optimized readability and interaction on TV, in other words, Valve just added another level to the term, you are a couch potato! We salute and thank you.

Let’s talk games  

Steam Sale.JPG

  • Braid less 75%, R22
  • Lego Star Wars less 50%, R89
  • Castle Crashers less 66%, R45
  • Magicka less 75%, R22
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: Special addition less 75%, R22
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybetron less 50%, R266
  • Lego Harry Potter less 66%, R60
  • Sine Mora less 66%, R30
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare less 75%, R33

And LOADS more, check the full list here. The Big Picture Sale ends December 10. Get cracking, your complete gamer Christmas shopping list awaits you on Steam.

For those who’ve not seen the Big Picture in action, check this out.

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