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Xbox 720 to release during 2013 holidays

Sources close to Bloomberg have released information regarding the next console for Microsoft and its estimated release date. This may not be the first time that this prediction has been made regarding the release of the next-gen-console, but the difference is that Bloomberg has had a history of getting these kinds of predictions spot on. It seems that the red carpet is laying itself for the next console to be revealed at E3 in 2013.


Bloomberg's unidentified sources have stated that the next Xbox video-game machine will be released around the Thanksgiving period, in time with Christmas sales. One of the sources stated that Microsoft haven't yet decided to announce their console at next year’s E3 or at an independent event, that would be solely based around the next-gen-console. However, my personal prediction is that E3 will be the jumping point from where the next Xbox will be unveiled.

This isn't the first time Bloomberg have had a reasonable hunch of what Microsoft have to offer, as they were the first to 'predict' the announcement of the Xbox 360's music based streaming feature that was announced at this year’s E3 convention. 


I believe that the next console out of Microsoft's factory line will be released around the same time that Bloomberg predicts, around the October period in 2013. Due to the fact of some of the latest information, with regard to game releases, that surrounds next year’s holiday period. Of which is the next Halo title, Halo 5, which suggests that the game will also coincide with the launch period as the speculated Xbox 720. The Halo series has been the flagship title for the Xbox, thus when we think about a new Xbox we in turn have to contemplate the possibility of the next Halo title.

If you want to get your first look at the next Xbox I suggest you start saving up for E3 in 2013. The show is set to start on the 11th of June where we might possibly not only see the next Xbox but the next PlayStation as well. What is your prediction for the next generation of consoles?  

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Source: Bloomberg

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