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BioShock Infinite’s unimaginative box art revealed

When compared to BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite is bland, generic and very ‘un- BioShock’ like.


The BioShock franchise trademark has always been ‘off the wall and push the envelope’, be it in the storyline, characters, environment or gameplay. It is always unusual. The box art for BioShock Infinite is the exact opposite.

Gun check, rough and tough, attractive looking male, check. It kinda reminds me of Drake from Uncharted, no?BioShock 2 was still on the right track, what happened?

It might come as a surprise that in the digital download era, gamers still actually buy box art, let alone care about it, but yes yes, we do. The internet is up in arms again. "You have a game involving floating islands, mechanical creatures of all shapes and sizes, the existance of realityshifting and timebending magic and sky-ziplines," said Redditor Gregar in a thread almost unanimous in its disappointment. "And the best you can come up with is a Generic, Grizzled, White Protagonist that you can't even see, because it's First Person, holding a generic shotgun over his shoulder." Source Kotaku

Get it right 2K Games! :P

BioShock Infinite is planned for release in February 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but not on the Wii U.


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