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2012 Saxxy Awards Category Winners


Perhaps you are part of the "early adopter" crowd and like to stay on top of the news. Maybe you like reading the drivel that spews forth from my keyboard, driven in part by my warped sensibilities. Then again you could be just a casual reader attracted to my pithy headline. Whichever one it is, Friday was a very special day. It was Saxxy Award Day!

If you are part of the former, you will know what these prestigious awards are all about. If a thought somewhat like the following drifted through your mind: "What The [insert expletive here]!! are the Saxxy Awards?!?", then my retort dear reader, will be quite curt: "Have you been living under a rock?"

Started in 2011, The Annual Saxxy Awards from Valve honour the very finest in Internet filmmaking. Intrepid and enterprising Spielberg, Hitchcock and Allen protégés storyboard and create the finest 5-minute shorts the Internet has seen; at least until next year’s awards! The films can be about pretty much anything in the categories best comedy, drama, action or replay. Valve added the "replay" category to give equal representation to creators who wanted to make videos in-game. There are only a few criterion, everything must be original, royalty free and from the public domain. And of course, all Valve content is usable. All of this is mashed up and blended using Source Filmmaker and uploaded to YouTube for entrance into the contest. In addition to the new category, Valve also allowed the use of tools for editing and effects in post-production other than Source Filmmaker. Winners get their very own semi-solid 75% Australium-plated statuette of Saxton Hale. All that remains is to grab the popcorn sit back and enjoy the show!


Having watched all of the nominees, I am flummoxed by the lack of obvious criteria used to determine a winner. There doesn’t seem to be a common thread piecing the various category winners together. Valve is renowned for a strange sense of humour and warped outlook, so perhaps this is testament to that! My favourite category is Drama. The rich detail, superb storylines and evocative music make this the "must see" category for me.

The overall winners in each category are shown below. If you’d you like to see the nominees in each category, pop over to the "official Saxxy Awards page".  Valve will be announcing the overall winner across all categories on December 7.





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