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God of War movie may "dramatically" alter plot

As Kratos fans know, a God of War movie was announced earlier this year. Now the projects scriptwriters have revealed that the movie plot may not be what fans are expecting. Ultimate Nerd GROAN!!!


Scriptwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan revealed on entertainment website Shock Till You Drop that Sony wants to ensure the movie doesn't come off as a rehash of Clash of the Titans or Immortals, just with Kratos in the lead.

“Those movies can inform the God of War [movie] to step in a more bold direction. Not to join those ranks, but to stand head and shoulders apart like other reinventions have done within that genre. The satisfying element is to look at those movies as a commentary on the genre and now say something different,” Dunstan said.

“Sony games, you think they’d be sacred about the origin story and all of that, but they were encouraging us to make it different from those movies and if that means going in dramatic shifts, they were cool of it. And they’re involved,” Melton added.

Personally, I'm not too keen on this turn of events. In an earlier interview on IGN, it was revealed that the movie would take a 'Batman Begins' approach to the story, documenting Kratos rise to becoming the vengeful hard-ass we're more familiar with. That's already the most boring part of his story, but if the writers now also want to make a commentary on the sword and sandal genre, I smell boring middle-of-the-road-movie coming.

Source - Shock Till You Drop

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