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Raspberry Minecraft Pi!

If everyone hasn’t played Minecraft yet, then everyone would at least have heard of it by now. Minecraft is a Java-based open-world sandbox game in which you initially collect materials in a procedurally-generated world and build… stuff. In addition, the game offers endless exploration and combat opportunities with both NPC’s and other players, as well as maintain health and hunger levels. You can either play in a survival mode (killing monsters at night, harvesting materials to make weapons, survive), or a creative mode, where you simply build things with no resource limits or monster issues. There has also been massive community additions to give the game an economy, security, new modes, multi-server support, processor emulators and much, much more.



The Raspberry Pi is a tiny full-fledged computer the size of a credit card, powered by an ARM processor; operating system loaded from a flash disk, typically a Linux variant. This little wonder is meant as an educational tool to teach the basics of computer science and programming. The device has also garnered a large homebrew following, where the Raspberry Pi is now being used as media streamers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, controlling Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems – to name a few of the many things it has been shoehorned into.

Now – how about combining them?

The guys over at Mojang are porting a version of Minecraft over to the Raspberry Pi. Why? For Science!! But seriously, want to learn how to how program? This version of Minecraft will be based off the Pocket Edition for mobile phones, with some new features as well as being open enough for you to directly go into the source code and make modifications directly. That, or run a mini-LAN playing Minecraft!



Head on over to the Minecraft blog for more info and release dates! My Raspberry Pi recently arrived, I’d better keep a flash disk open just for this!

Thanks to Joystiq for the alert and the Minecraft Blog for the source!

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