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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Assault Rifles

We are two weeks into the bullet marshes of Black Ops 2. I take it that your two weeks have been filled with a bit of a learning curve, in attempts to get up to date with the all the latest that Black Ops 2 has to offer. Well get ready to speed up that entire process because it is time for another care package drop of information. Last week we covered the two best Sub Machineguns (SMGs), as well as one of the worst SMGs in Black Ops 2.  This week it is all about Assault Rifles, so take out your red-dot-sites and get ready to setup some scorestreaks.

Assault rifles are one of the foundations of the Call of Duty series. They are so useful due to them being the perfect weapon for mid-long range battles, with each rifle having varied success within this range. A traditional best friend of the assault rifle is the red-dot-site. The red-dot-site allows for increased accuracy over distances due to the site being, on most occasions, more stable than the iron site.  Black Ops 2 has a scattered layout of areas that are extremely useful for assault rifle players, thus you are going to want to be able to use these areas with the most success as possible. So without further adieu, here are the best assault rifles for Black Ops 2.  

Top Rated Assault Rifles 



Kicking things off, we start with this beast of weapon. The M8A1 is a burst fire assault rifle, yet it is completely unique in comparison to any other burst rifle to have graced the Call of Duty series. All previous burst assault rifles have been that of a 3 bullet burst, where as the M8A1 is a 4 burst bullet rifle. This one bullet makes a huge difference due to the fact that it turns the weapon one fire kill. This means that pulling down on the trigger once, and landing all your 4 bullets, will result in you killing your opponent. Landing your 4 bullets shouldn’t be much of a problem due to the M8A1’s low recoil. This low recoil coupled with the high damage makes this weapon a killing machine in the right hands, the question is, are your hands ready?



Next up we will be talking about the M27, now this weapon is a bit of a tossup, due to the fact that it requires you to be extremely accurate to work correctly. Lucky, the M27 allows you to do just that due to the fact that it has the lowest recoil of all the assault rifles. It is perfect for medium-long range to long range as is allows you to get all of your shots on target. In comparison to other assault rifles from previous Call of Duty’s, I would have to pin the M27 as the Black Ops 2 version of the ACR. However, the M27 does slightly less damage that the ACR but it delivers an accuracy that can’t be beaten.

Wildcard Assault Rifle



Rather than covering the worst assault rifle, I will introduce you to the wildcard assault rifle, which is the AN-94. Why is this a wildcard? Well it comes down to this rifle having one of the most interesting features that has ever hit Call of Duty. The first two bullets fired from the AN-94 fires at a faster rate, and with less recoil. Now this feature is extremely useful when you feather your trigger (process by tapping your shooting/fire button). This allows you to pull off multiple two shot burst in succession which means a faster fire rate. This will allow you to take down the opponent quickly and with great accuracy and makes the AN-94 one hell of a gun if used correctly.

That's it for this week’s tips and tricks for Black Ops 2, next week we will be talking about shotguns. Black Ops 2 has an interesting and innovative shotgun range. Till then, get some cover and wait till next week’s care package of information.

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