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Welcome to GTA FM, this is Lazlo


One of the great things about open-world sandbox style games is that there's usually a lot of optional stuff to do. It's great having this big open space to just mess around in. One of my favourite things to do in GTA III, Vice and San Andreas was to just drive around and listen to the radio... yes really.

The in-game radio stations were simply fantastic extra that really didn't need to be there, but their presence in the online world was one of the key immersion factors of those three games. I literally spent hours just driving around Liberty City doing nothing but listen to Lazlow Jones on Chatterbox FM. Now I'll get to do all that in real life thanks to a new Grand Theft Auto app for Android devices.

Available for free on the Play Store, the Grand Theft Auto Radio app is a collection of nearly all the radio stations that have been features in the long-running series. So now you can get updates on horticulture with Gardening with Maurice or relationship advice on Lonely Hearts Show any time you want. 

Just remember listening to these radio stations does not give you a license to rob hookers and run over old people, that $[]!# is still wrong.

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