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World of Tanks – now Pony-fied!

Playing World of Tanks is fun, and I also enjoy watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What if I wanted to do both? One option would be playing on the laptop while the show is on the TV. Thanks to modder RelicShadow on the World of Tanks forums, I can now do both on one screen! RelicShadow has taken various My Little Pony mods for World of Tanks and combined them into one megamod!


The mod weighs in at a whopping 5GB, but that’s largely due to the fact that this megamod literally touches everything in the game, including tank textures, the garage, background music and all tank sounds. Various sites have already commented that this mod works best without any other mods being present in your game; there is also a helpful mod installation video to get you started

With this conversion in place, I no longer fight for ze Germans – it has been renamed to the New Lunar Republic!


Thanks to Kotaku for the alert, and the WoT forums for the source! All download info is on the forum link!

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World of Tanks with the audio tracks enabled!

And here is the Installation assistance vid!

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