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Monday Wake Up Call, for all your latest gaming news

Happy thanksgiving Gamezone!

We are getting closer and closer to the festive season. The roads are getting clearer, things are getting cheaper (or more expensive depending on what you're buying). I learned how to add a gloss effect on Photoshop.

The only down side of  the festive season is the video game news. Not much going on except for the Steam thanksgiving sale, remember it ends on the 27th. For now though, let's catch up on the latest news from around the world in the video games industry.

Driving while playing video games are  good for you

This idea seems crazy, but it might just work.Jacob Silber and Matt Albrecht from MIT alumni, have created an app for your phone called Bright Driver. The app focuses on alleviating boredom on long drives by playing audio games with the driver. The app also monitors your braking, driving and other body mechanics via satellite gps and adjusts its feedback to your driving.

According to the BRIGHTDriver website, "By focusing on audio-based interaction, we vastly reduce visual distraction, even compared to the numerous systems in our cars today. Our adaptive technology introduces content when it’s relevant, and re-orients you back to the road, rather than to texting, reading emails, or making phone calls."

Check out the demonstration, Better than LA Traffic, to see the app in action.


Read the full story on Gamasutra.

Vita not outselling its competition or its predecessor


Just how bad is the Vita doing in Japan?

  • 4,021 vita’s sold since November 11th.
  • 12,000 PSP sold in the same time vita has been released.
  • 186’000 for Nintendo 3DS , which means that its selling 46 to 1 compared to the vita.

Sony is struggling to see sales of the PlayStation Vita, unlike its predecessor (which is still selling) the Vita has nothing special going for it. The latest patch allows PlayStation Plus to be activated on your Vita. Although this comes with a few free games, it is still not enough to get the numbers Sony wants out of the portable console. It is unfortunate that Sony could not get hits like Animal Crossing or Monster Hunter for the Vita. Sony has not revealed any price cut this year, the future for the Vita looks bleak indeed.

Eurocom lays off Majority of staff:


Eurocom, a UK based video game developer has laid off a majority of their staff due to restructuring of the company. This occurred after the release of 007 : Legends, which tied in to the new James Bond movie Skyfall (apparently a better movie than its predecessors).

"Eurocom are undertaking a restructuring which I regret to say has meant we've made the majority of our workforce redundant today," - Hugh Binns Eurocom director

Read the full story on Gamasutra

Pokemon Kanto music evolved

If you’re a fan of Pokemon , you will love this. Pokemon Kanto music going form 8bit to a full on orchestra:

Other news from around the NET:

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