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Fancy sinking your fangs into flesh with new Dracula game?

French software publisher Anuman Interactive has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming a force in adventure games with the release of Dracula: the Shadow of the Dragon.


According to the official press release the title was developed by French studio Koalabs and boasts an original storyline that takes players to the four corners of the world. Anuman Interactive’s General Manager Stéphane Longeard explains: “We’re very pleased that ‘Dracula: the Shadow of the Dragon’ is to take its place in the Microïds catalogue and we have every confidence in the talent and ability of the Koalabs teams to complete the project.”

Stéphane Marty, who co-founded Koalabs, adds: “We’re convinced that working with Anuman Interactive will be good not just for Koalabs but for all adventure game enthusiasts, too.”

  DraculaS HOUSE.jpg

I saw this on Anuman Interactive Facebook page, it was posted a few hours ago, with this description," dans le nouveau jeu d’aventure DRACULA : L'OMBRE DU DRAGON." Could this be count Dracula’s mansion for the Shadow of the Dragon?

So to sum up this is what we know of Dracula: the Shadow of the Dragon; it will be an adventure game, so there will at least be a fair amount of intrigues, puzzles, exploration and a deep storyline. The game is set for release in the second quarter of 2013.

When I was but a wee lil girl, I secretly watched Dracula movies. His vile, dark ways fascinated me. Gosh, let’s hope Dracula: the Shadow of the Dragon resembles old school Dracula and not a Twilight like Dracula whose pale skinny chest glitters like diamonds in sunlight…what has the world of vampires come to! I am not sure if the 'dainty' French will get it right :S


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