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Far Cry 3 review round-up, best shooter 2012

We finally have a review consensus from the world’s best video game journalists; Far Cry 3 is the shiz!

In a nutshell, It has a dark story and exciting combat, delivers a strong narrative, it is the new apex predator of open-world shooters, chaotic yet controlled, and a wild ride worth taking.

Also, you do crafting in Far Cry 3, say what now?

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Far Cry 3 Review: The Law of the Jungle by Mitch Dryer on IGN 9/10

“Far Cry 3 is important for the same reason as Far Cry 2. It’s a shooter that considers shooters thoughtfully, both in the way they’re designed and the way we play them, and then asks us to do the same. Should massacring hundreds be a great way to entertain ourselves? Maybe not. But it is.”

Far Cry 3 single-player review: 10-ton guerrilla, by Jeff Mattas on Shack News

“Far Cry 3 is the best open-world single-player FPS experience I've played in recent memory. The world is beautiful, teeming with things to do and places to explore. Many of its underlying gameplay systems do a great job at bolstering the feeling of surviving in the wild. The story spins a compelling yarn of revenge and self-discovery, and even though the game's two possible endings are both decidedly macabre, the end result is an experience that is immensely satisfying and brimming with content. For fans of shooters and open-world exploration, Far Cry 3 is a vacation from hell that's well worth booking.”

Far Cry 3 Review by Tom Francis on PC Gamer 89/100

“The original Far Cry’s developers Crytek used to describe that game’s philosophy as ‘veni, vidi, vici’: you show up, you scout out the situation, and you decide how to conquer it. Ubisoft kept the Far Cry name, and Crytek tried to stay true to its spirit in the Crysis games. But only Far Cry 3 really feels focused on doing that concept justice.”

Far Cry 3 Review by Tom Bramwell on Eurogamer 10/10

“In the past, Far Cry's vision of a first-person shooter RPG where you explore, master and then control your environment has always been more seductive on paper than any of its developers have managed to deliver on disc. Far Cry 3 changes all that. For me, this is the new apex predator of open-world shooters. Hunt it down as soon as you can.”

Far Cry 3 the Kotaku Review by Kirk Hamilton YES

“Far Cry 3 is an example of the rare ambitious, big-budget game that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do—chaotic yet controlled, with a brilliantly-balanced mechanical ecosystem that challenges and empowers at every turn. It's a wild ride, and one well worth taking. Just watch out for crocodiles.”

Wot I think, Far Cry 3, by Jim Rossignol on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

It’s huge, it’s silly, it’s beautiful, and it’s fiery. And let’s make a note of something about this third game as I close: It’s better than Far Cry 2. For most people, I suspect, this will be cocktails and barbecues on the beach. Right as the year closes, we have another reason to be cheerful.”

Far Cry 3 Review: Human Nature, by Arthur Gies on Polygon 9/10

“The story's sour notes mar what is, otherwise, one of the best games of the year. If you can look past its thematic problems, Far Cry 3’s story isn’t without genuine invention and surprise — there’s a hallucinatory aspect that allows for surprising, disorienting sections of narrative and character development, as well as gameplay moments that defy the basic reality of the rest of the game. When the story isn’t standing in its way, Far Cry 3 sees enormous success with its wide-open world and all the numerous things there are to do therein. Ubisoft has created a mechanically ambitious, exciting game.”

Far Cry 3 releases on November 29th in Europe, November 30th in the UK (and South Africa), and December 4th in the US for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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