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Spaceship Inventories and MOAR MECHS!!

Two separate items being covered today which are near-and-dear to my heart – EVE Online and Mechwarrior Online.

EVE Online

In a recent Dev blog by CCP Arrow of previous unified inventory fame, has put forward some changes coming up in the upcoming Retribution expansion due out early December. Through extensive user testing several tweaks are being done to persistence of inventory windows is specific situations, e.g. if you want a particular layout of your stuff in a station, that’s how it will remain.

Searching will be refined with keyword search ability with a setting to allow persistence across containers – for POS managers this is very useful (For the non-EVE players out there, that’s short for a mini-space-station), as I’ve had to spend quite some time at times trying to locate something that went missing, only to discover either myself or someone else moved it to a different spot.


Performance optimization has also been worked on to drastically reduce load times of the inventory with regards to specific items causing issues. Lastly, breadcrumbing has been implemented, so moving back and forth from one inventory section to another should also be more logical. Personally, nothing drives me more nuts when trying to drag my ill-gotten gains into the right hangar after savagely beating someone else to death to get it. That can really turn that semi from the hunt into a wiener afterwards, sorting out the spoils

In summary for EVE, CCP Arrow is working on making the inventory do ALL THE THINGS! Why not give it a go on the Buckingham test server? Check out CCP Arrow’s blog entry for more details!

Mechwarrior Online

The guys over at Piranha Games have also been busy with their third update for the open beta for Mechwarrior Online. Included in this update is the Cataphract heavy Battlemech. This little auto-cannon-wielding monster is coming in four variants of death and destruction. Did I mention that they ALL have auto-cannons?


In addition, the Beagle Active Probe Module (or BAP for short) has now been included for all mechs that can equip it. The BAP is designed to give the pilot wielding one a 25% increase in sensor range and reduction in lock-on time – very useful for the Catapult pilots (like me!) and scouts like the Raven light Mech.

Several other tweaks and fixes have been implemented including better team ready-up logic, disabling of Jump jets when knocked over, Streak SRM missile systems now hitting 100% of the time as intended as well as doing more damage, as well as optimizations to the Forest Colony map and its variants.

Check out the patch notes page for more info!

Thanks to Massively for both alerts, and their respective pages for the source, linked above

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