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Day One update 'bricking' Wii U consoles

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With less than 48 hours having passed since Nintendo dropped the Wii U on the world reports are already coming in about broken Wii U's.

It seems that if the 5gb Day One update, which activates all the consoles online features, is interrupted for any reason it will cause the console to become inoperable. This condition, commonly called “bricking,” will require owners to send their consoles to Nintendo for repairs, according to a customer services rep that spoke to Gamesbeat. “The system files are fragile during the update process,” the customer service said. “If something goes wrong, it will leave the console bricked. You’ll have to send it to us.”

Given that the update process can take any where between 60 minutes to 90 minutes to download and install, the potential for failure is quite high. Owners that live in areas prone to power outages or people with shaky internet connections be warned.

Hopefully this issue doesn't become as widespread a problem the Xbox 360's infamous 'red ring of death', which bricked such a wide swath of consoles, that Microsoft instituted a policy of free replacements for affected systems.

Source: Gamesbeat

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