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Why I am excited about Ether One

Ether One is the debut adventure game from Indie studio, White Paper Games. It holds the promise of delivering a game that will hit all my sweet spots when it comes to what I love most about the electronic playground.


In Ether One, the player takes on the role of a Restorer, an individual who can move between another person’s memories in order to restore and mend them. As a Restorer, you therefore find yourself within the memories of a woman called Jean. She guides you through fragments of her memories as you strive to solve the mysteries of her past and free her from the demons that hold her mind captive. Ether One is the first of a two part series that explores the frailty of the human soul in connection to its memories.

Game features

  • Explore the secrets of the forgotten, uncover the atrocities of the past and reveal your true identity through a rich and detailed story embedded in an immersive science-fiction world.
  • Interact with a world full of story led puzzles that will reward those who are willing to explore each memory in detail. Overcoming the challenges that are hidden in the lost depths of the mind unlocking new areas to explore that hold deep and forgotten secrets.
  • Chart your journey through the world of Ether and share your progress with friends online through an optional and unobtrusive QR-code feature.
  • Discover your secret past piece by piece by seeking out fabled and hidden Marker Stones that can only be reached in the far corners of each memory.
  • Discover interactive objects and notes that can be inspected for clues aiding you in puzzle solving activities and use memory artefacts to interact with the memory around you bringing it to life.
  • Experience a mature and in-depth story that allows you, through exploration, to unlock multiple endings that explore human relationships in a rich science fiction world.


Ether One reminds me of an enchanted painting taken from a C.S.Lewis Narnia Chronicle; I expect to be swept away into the picturesque fantasy world by just looking at it on my screen. The music for Ether One is done by Nathaniel Apostol, a composer from the UK who creates music for film, video games and animation. His work is exquisite, deeply moving and enchanting; it completes the world of Ether One perfectly.

I am excited about Ether One because the story sounds intriguing and the game objectives seem challenging. The world looks beautiful and the melodious soundtrack is enchanting. Gone are the days where Indie games meant inferior games. White Paper Games is a studio I will be keeping a close eye on.

Ether One is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight, head on over and give them a vote. The game is set for release in 2013 for PC and Mac.

Ether: Website | Twitter | Facebook | White Paper Games

Now for the best part, check out the latest Ether One gameplay trailer.


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