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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Submachine Guns

In the coarse of the next couple of weeks we are going to be releasing some tip and tricks regarding Black Ops 2, to kick off, we will discuss the Submachine Gun (SMG).

So first things first, you might be wondering why we are starting off with SMGs. The reason for this is that Black Ops 2 is going to be a game mostly dominated by SMGs. The map design in Black Ops 2 is constructed with many tight corners and loads of areas with close confined choke points. The choke points will determine who is going to get the upper hand, so it's vital that you dominate in those areas. To win those gun fights your going to need a weapon that can take out the opposition quickly within a confined space. The SMG is the perfect fit for close quarter battles with its higher rate of fire (than assault rifles) and its better hip fire accuracy. So now that I've given you the reason behind starting off with the SMG, lets get into exactly what SMGs your going to want to be gripping onto and the other ones that you would rather leave to the dogs as their new chew toy..... (this was a joke, be it a poor one, don't feed dogs to your guns) 

Top rated SMGs



With good accuracy and a huge magazine the PDW is best for modes where your going to have to take down a group of opponents, without having to reload. Best suited for Hardpoint and Domination. 



The MSMC is an extremely versatile at mid to long range as well as close range battles. This SMG has the best range out of all of the SMGs and one of the best damage rates in its class. Best used for Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy. 

Worst SMGs 


Chicom CQB

The Chicom CQB is a burst fire SMG, this gun has a high fire rate and does reasonable damage. The problem however, with the Chicom is the burst fire, it doesn't allow the gun to perform like an SMG should. Especially in close range scenarios, you are face with the task of burst firing your shots and having to do so extremely accurately to get any kills. If you have to use this gun, for whatever reason, add the select fire attachment to turn this burst fire disaster into a real SMG. 

That is it for this weeks tips and tricks, next time we will be covering assault rifles in an attempt to give you the biggest advantage on the battlefield. Till then, I salute you good soldier and may the kill come quickly and the deaths widely dispersed.

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