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To Scrub in or not to Scrub in, that is the question

I don’t know if I want to *facepalm* the announcement of Scrubs the game from mobile game developer, HeroCraft, or if I want to get my nurse on. I will let Dr Kelso decide for us.


Ok so that didn’t help anyone. Let’s take a look at the official press release then.

Featuring all your favourite characters and a brand new storyline, this puzzle-based game will put you, a new intern, firmly mixed up in the macabre world of Sacred Heart, battling the Janitor and trying not to incur the wrath of Dr Cox. (I wonder if the game version of Cox will also give you girly names.)

As a young intern you will walk the halls of the infamous Sacred Heart Hospital and meet all the familiar characters from the sitcom. You will be involved in an intricate detective story in order to save the reputation of the hospital. Besides the classical HOG mechanics, there are several built-in mini-games which can be played any time after being unlocked.


Scrubs contains many riddles and puzzles, dozens of awards and some unusual twists for hidden object genre gameplay. At the start of every level a game location is generated, objects change their positions and unique level tasks are created. It means that even when users replay completed levels these locations will be new and unfamiliar. This is a great way to increase the fun and replayability of the game.

Game features

  • combination of quest, hidden object, puzzle genres
  • medical based mini-games
  • characters and situations from “Scrubs” TV series
  • comic cartoon-style graphics
  • dozen game locations
  • black comedy storyline
  • on iTunes R26.61

I still don’t know if I want to scrub in with Scrubs. What do you think?

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