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Community feedback, MWEB GameZone Black Ops 2 launch party

So here it is, the game on everyone’s lips. Well, on most people’s lips. The question is, will it pack a punch, or simply sit on your gaming collection shelf?

I had the privilege of attending the MWEB GameZone launch for the title at the MCave. The setup, as usual, was awesome.  With a competition created for gamers dressing up in true Cosplay form. One gamer went all out and dressed up in real Modern Warfare gear.  It’s always amazing to see people that enjoy their “art form”. 


Now as you may have noticed, this isn’t going to be a review on the title. I will allow that honour to go to those that write reviews professionally.  I am merely here to give you my intake on the title and the event that started it all. 

So my Tuesday started out like many other gamers. I waited for the game store to open, collected my game, rushed back to install it and get online and test it out.  Of course, I had the added benefit of knowing I would be attending the event later the evening, so this gave me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the game beforehand. Its not to say it gave me any advantage, but it allowed me to access the game fluently when required to do so. This may not seem like much, but with the changes in Black Ops 2, there are more options to choose from than any previous title in the series. 

I also feel that if I carry on, I may very well ruin the surprise for those who haven’t gotten the game yet, although that would almost imply that there are some that haven’t gotten it. If you are reading this, you most likely already have the game, or are seriously considering it. Let me head back to how it went at the event, and we will start from there. 

The setup had Xbox “Pro’s” and PC “Pro’s” going head to head against the invited gamers. If the invited gamer won, they got an awesome prize. I say that because they were really awesome prizes. Just for attending we got some great goodies thrown into the bags, and I must say BIG UP TO MUSICA and Megarom. Nicely done MWEB GameZone for getting such great sponsors on board.

BLOPS event.jpg 

Anyway, I digress. I saw the two Xbox “Pro’s” playing and I always wondered how it would be to play FPS online competitively with a console, being a PC gamer myself. I can tell you that I would be at no advantage with a mouse playing against these guys. They moved with such fluidity, it really made the hair on my arms stand up. I wouldn’t want to meet them on a dark lonely Xbox server. So the challenge was up for other console gamers to go head to head. I don’t know the facts, but from what I could see, I think the pro’s were a little kind on the others. A win here, a loss or two there. After all, they had to allow players to win prizes.

The PC side was as could be expected. More gamers were lined up to challenge the likes of MWEBGMZ very own Schmoe. He was a little rusty for an old man, but truly held his own. My hero. Great fun, great food, great drink, awesome atmosphere. I truly encourage gamers to enter to attend these events, because it’s a HUGE eye opener of the gaming scene around the world. Its “Go Big, or Stay Home”.

Now in terms of the game itself, I cant say that I was expecting much. First off let me just say that there are no dedicated servers. There, its said, its done. I know people were hoping for it, and most of all, so was I. However, let that not be a deterrent to you, because as I logged on, I found no latency whatsoever. My connection was stable, and had no ill effect from the servers on which I was playing. Of course, once again the game requires a host. At least, for most part. There are some set up gaming servers (MWEB has some) that you will have the benefit of playing on. This is evident in my connection last night. The feel of the menu is one of awe. The main menu is simplistic, but the moment you click on “online”, that’s were simplicity ends! You have a multitude of gaming options. From Core, Hardcore and others to choose from. You can do online training, you can once again play against bots, and you can play a variation of gaming types such as Capture the Flag, Kill Confirmed and Domination to say but a few. You may feel there is too much on offer, but at least you want get bored.

  BLOPS All.jpg

The truth is, that its very much the same old Black Ops, but its looks and somewhat feels that its found its niche. It doesn’t feel stagnant, and it definitely doesn’t feel complacent in its approach to get you to have fun. For me, its definitely NOT Modern Warfare 3. Now I have been playing an MMORPG for the past 3 months, and like many other FPS gamers, I have also enjoyed Battlefield 3. I will and still do. However, I needed something a little more “In ure Face” and “Fast”. Black Ops 2 has offered it to me, on a stake, with Mercs heads on it. The challenge is set, let the games begin.

Don’t expect Battlefield 3 (BF3) graphics, and done expect open world, or large maps. This isn’t BF3 in the slightest.  They are two very different games, so much so that they may as well be in different genres.  BF3 is more FPSOR (First Person Shooter Open Realism) and BO2 is FPSRC (First Person Shooter Raw Combat). I came up with that on my very own ;)

This is definitely a step up from MW3, and a good step ahead of the original Black Ops. It will either be your game of choice, or it wont be. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you go in with an open mind. Also I have to mention that they have added Nuketown 2025 to the pre-ordered title. It’s the exact layout of the original, but with a very unique 50’s décor feel. It looks pretty darn good. I played it until my trigger finger was sore. 

Anyway, I encourage gamers to read up about it from fellow gamers, and get their intake on it. I think there are quite a few, from my already open discussions with friends, that are enjoying it. I am sure you will too, if its your game type.  And as they say….”Happy Fragging”.

Please note that I still have yet to play the single player campaign and the Zombies gameplay. That’s just to show you how much there is to this game.

The good



No dedicated servers (although this is a mere formality thus far)

Photos courtesy of Zombiegamer.

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