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What do Team Fortress, Gearbox, Minecraft, Bethesda and Counter-Strike have in common?

It’s obvious they all share a passion for gaming. Less well known is their involvement with the “Fifth Bi-Annual TF2mixup Event”. It’s the year’s most anticipated gaming charity event (I say “most” because, as you know, I really favour Team Fortress!) and boasts a celebrity line up to make Mann Co beam with pride. Let’s take a look.


Is it legit?

The event raised a small mountain of money, $14,462 (R126 882) in 2011, which was donated to children’s hospitals around the world.  TF2mixup collaborates with many well-known charitable organisations to facilitate the donation process.  Last year it was Child’s Play, this year it’s JustGiving.

The 2012 TF2mixup event will donate all proceeds to Doctors Worldwide, an organisation with a mission to serve communities in need, through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health based development programmes worldwide. Doctors Worldwide responds to emergency situations around the world, provides basic health care to the poor and, where funds allow, establishes sustainable health care services. Doctors Worldwide currently has projects in Pakistan, Congo, Kenya, Syria and Somalia. Never has a cause been more worthy of your support!

What’s in it for you?

Besides the good feeling of giving to those in need and unlocking the achievement of taking part in a TF2 charity event, you will also stand a chance to “über-charge” or “jarate” a celebrity! Did I mention signed merchandise from Valve is also up for grabs?  They’re putting up swag worth Over 9 000 points in bragging rights!  The more generous you are, the higher your chance of earning one of three selected spots to play with celebs in a Highlander TF2 showcase match, to be held in early December. Well-known entertainers will also shoutcast and stream the event. Your hitherto anonymity will be shattered as you reach a new level of online fame - last year the match had over one million viewers! Here’s the celebrity line up. Looking through the list, it makes me want to empty my bank account!


By supporting the TF2mixup group on Facebook, Twitter and Steam you also stand a chance to win Dota 2 keys, signed TF2 weapons (by community leaders including the sexy, silky voiced KritzKast host, Agro and Ashkan, our TF2 world leader, to name a few). There are also many other TF2 related surprises in store.

One thing about Team Fortress 2 (TF2), setting it apart from other games, (and no, it’s not the clothing accessories), it is the global community. I have never met more diverse (some are a bit eccentric, colourful and slightly mad, to say the least) group of biologically unrelated people who stand together as one unified force, doing good in the world. The MWEB GameZone team wishes them all the best.

On a more personal note I am very proud to announce South Africa has been included in the TF2mixup Event team for the first time. I will be assisting as community manager and am honoured to serve such a great cause alongside this League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Donate now! Wait no more! Put your money where your mouse is and head on over to the donate page! The raffle to draw the mortal to play some TF2 Highlander with other immortals ends on November 26. There’s no time to waste, donate today. And if you are still not convinced yet, check out the demo for last year’s TF2mixup Match:


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