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Devil May Cry: Vergil’s Downfall DLC coming

Capcom will be offering some DLC for the upcoming rebooted Devil May Cry game. That isn't too surprising, since Capcom have been pretty diligent about making sure their titles have DLC following the games launch. What is surprising is that for once Capcom is being reasonable with the DLC.


The Japanese developer has received a lot of flack over the DLC of their last few games, which gamers complaining about exorbitant pricing and that much of the DLC was deliberately held back and, more over, that much of that DLC was already available on the games disc to begin with. After a flood of complaints, Capcom took the decision to revise its DLC policies.

This new DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry would appear to the first product to result from that revision. Vergil’s Downfall appears to be an extended level pack for the game and stars Vergil, lead character Dante's brother. The DLC will apparently disclose more of Vergil's backstory and Vergil will also have his own set of moves and abilities and not simply be a reskin on Dante.

The DLC will sell for 720 MS points and for about R100 on the PlayStation Network. Whether or not that price point will equate to value for money remains to be seen, but at the very least it shows that Capcom aren't trying to gouge their loyal customers.

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