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Halo 4 makes $220 million in 24 hours

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Halo 4 has made $220 million worldwide in just 24 hours. The massive cash haul is the biggest launch day taking of any entertainment property the year to date, out performing The Avengers. The previous installment Halo: Reach, the fourth game in the series, launched in September 2010 and raked in $200m in global sales on its launch day,

US retailer, GameStop confirmed that Halo’s day one sales exceeded their expectations becoming the retailer’s biggest game launch of the year so far. With the games current movement Microsoft claims the shooter will make $300 million before its first week concludes, which will make it the most lucrative launch in the franchise’s history.

The game is also setting player engagement records, with Halo 4 having some 4 million players online in the first five days, spending a cumulative 31.4 million hours playing. To date, Halo players have spent 5 billion hours combating the Covenant.

With Call of Duty games taking, and breaking, sales records every year for the last three years, this is the first time that that franchise has seen a real challenge to the dominance. With latest game in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops II out today, it remains to be seen if Halo 4 will remain king of the hill.

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