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Beyond Two Souls will take gamers on a paranormal journey

Beyond Two Souls is the PlayStation title I am waiting for. The game promises to deliver everything I am passionate about with regards to gaming - a storyline that serves as a catalyst for personal growth, intriguing characters and a game world that pierces the supernatural.


Julien Bourey, Contributing Editor for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, had a fascinating interview with the legendary David Cage, creator of Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain. Here are the highlights of the interview.

Gameplay and interface

When asked how Beyond compares to Heavy Rain, Cage replied that, “The game is very different from Heavy Rain, probably much more than people can imagine. The first obvious difference is that there will be two characters to control: Jodie and this entity that is Aiden. We can do some really interesting things with Aiden: fly, walk through walls and interact with matter or characters in a rather peculiar way.”

The world

With Beyond, Cage aims to deliver a game that will exceed mere entertainment. It will be disturbing, thought provoking and emotional. Cage on explaining the Beyond experience, “…we really aiming for the atmosphere of a psychological thriller. Beyond, of course, will also have these components of emotion, depth of characters, strong moments, but there will also be a more epic, dramatic dimension. All this will be part of a story with a logical narrative following the philosophy that each scene must be unique and different.”

As with Heavy Rain, Beyond is a reflection on Cage’s own personal experiences, he explains, “On Beyond, I’m drawing on another experience – one that’s less pleasant – because I lost someone very close in my family. This is what started it all – the desire to imagine that there may be an “after”. Beyond is, of course, about death. But it is also about more positive things, like growth, change and learning to accept ourselves as we are. With Beyond, I really wanted to create a trip – something epic, emotional, and strong that the player will remember long after the end of the game.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Beyond Two Souls is a unique psychological action thriller featuring Academy Award nominee, Ellen Page in the lead role. Experience the incredible life of a person who possesses extraordinary powers through a connection with an invisible entity. Watch as your actions and decisions determine her fate and face incredible emotional challenges never before seen in a video game.The game is being developed by Quantic Dream for Sony Computer Entertainment.

To refresh your memory of what Beyond Two Souls will look like; check out the E3 trailer.

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