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Black Ops 2 leagues uncovered

So in the past few weeks I have received numerous questions via twitter about how the league system will work. In this article I will explain all the things to you in detail ;) With only one day till the launch of Black Ops 2, you need to be as prepared as possible for the chaos that is about to unfold.


Alright, so starting off there will be a league option that will be accessible from the 'Multiplayer' menu. When you access the league mode you will be able to select from two types of leagues. These leagues are the "Moshpit series" and the "Championship series". You will be able to play in both of these leagues at any time.

The Moshpit Series will be used as a league that will rotate around Team deathmatch and other objective modes, the mode will use standard rulesets. This means that this league will comprise of a playlist of modes that relate to the public rulesets. The Moshpit series will be best for casual players and those players that are used to the standard match rules that have been used throughout the Call of Duty series. All the games in the Moshpit series will comprise of a maximum of 12 players, meaning that the games will be 6v6. The ranking system will be that of a solo rank,which will mean you will rank up as an individual player.

The Championship Series will be played as a mix of objective modes only, these objective modes will be based around a competitive ruleset. The competitive series will allow for team and solo rank. All games in the Champions series will comprise of a maximum of 8 players, this will mean that all games will be 4v4. You can rank up with you team mates in your clan or as an individual, similar to a pick ups game. 

To receive a rank in one of the series, you will be required to play 5 placement matches before hand. That means that each series requires you to play 5 matches. Once these 5 matches are completed you will be given a ranking that relates to the series that you are participating in. Here are all the ranks that are achievable in Call of Duty as a single player or as a team: 


The ranking system works from left to right, meaning that the league furthest to the right is the highest league. From top to bottom in the rank withing the league, meaning that the rank closest to the bottom of the page is the highest rank within a league. The bottom right hand icon is the highest league in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

If you have any more questions please post a reply or asks us on one of the links below, your question could be featured in the article. 

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*pick ups- where a group of players come together to play under a competitive ruleset.

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