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Angry Birds Star Wars: Making me eat crow


So at the end of October I did a post calling out Angry Birds Star Wars for being a cash grab and that it was simply Angry Birds with a Star Wars skin. Well with this new trailer, I think I may need to put my opinion gear in reverse.

The new trailer shows off a lot more the upcoming titles gameplay than the first one and also shows off a few levels Angry Birds in Space style gameplay, which makes a lot of sense in this context. Judging from the this new trailer, Rovio have put a lot more thought into how to incorporate Star Wars iconography into the game, than I gave them credit for.

The birds from Angry Birds all had special abilities, like speed boosts or dive bombing while they were in the air, but with this Star Wars variation those tricks have been replaced with stuff like lightsaber deflections - because the piggies shoot at you - and Force powers. You can even use the Millennium Falcon, to do a strafing run.

The game, which launched today, has so far gotten largely positive reviews, with IGN saying  it's "the most fun and most satisfying entry in the ultra-popular bird-flinging franchise even without the Star Wars license" and scoring it an encouraging 8.8.  Polygon gave the game a 8.5 and called it "a respectable sequel",  commenting that it not only combined the two brands successfully, but also improved the on the gameplay the previous games.

So in conclusion, I would just like to say sorry to Angry Birds Star Wars. You're not a weak-ass cash grab, trying to steal my rent money. No, instead you are a sophisticated and thoughtful cash grab, that's trying to steal my rent money.

Angry Birds Star Wars is free Android smartphones, while the HD tablet version costs £1.99 / $2.99. The iOS version is £0.69/$0.99. Windows Phone owners can also get the game for £0.79/$0.99.

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