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In the wake of sad tidings from some game companies, others are bringing good news! Well… mostly for investors though, but my point remains valid!

Activision’s third quarter financial report brings in a variety of interesting tidbits, amongst those being that World of Warcraft subscribers are back over the 10 million mark, up from the previous reported numbers at about 9 million. This is mainly attributed to the recent release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft.


Activision brought home the bacon to the tune of USD $841 million in revenue and USD $226 million in profits this quarter, compared to last year’s USD $754 million this time last year. Due to the great performance for this third quarter, the revenue forecast for the year has been raised to USD $4.57 billion, up from the original estimate of USD $4.33 billion.


Activision’s Robert Kotick is cautious about next year’s revenue generation stating, "As we look to 2013, we are cautious about business prospects given a continually challenged global economy, the ongoing console transition, and very difficult year-over-year comparables due to Blizzard’s record-shattering Diablo III sales in 2012."

Digital sales have been a very strong factor for Blizzard, stating that a full 51% of revenue for the year thus far have come from that sector.

For all the great news for investors, for the Starcraft 2 players out there there is a bit of sad news: Heart of the Swarm is being pushed back for a 2013 release.


Mike Morhaine from Blizzard is cited as saying that the game is in beta, but the extra bits designed to enhance eSports still need some extra polish before release. The game is tentatively scheduled for the first half of 2013.

Thanks to Gamespot and Kotaku for the respective sources.

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