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MWEB GameZone Launches Training Program for League of Legends

A while back MWEB GameZone ran a FaceBook poll where we asked our readers to indicate which online game they would like to receive training in. The game of choice is League of Legends (LoL). We want to thank everyone that casted a vote and we are extremely excited to announce that the training for Gamers in Beta (GiB) will be done by the LoL 2012 rAge NGL winners, WickeD SicK GaminG, (who merged with team Advance Special Forces (ASF) after rAge).

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Before we get into the details of how the program will work a few words from Nashief “Ltdabull” Hendricks, the GiB point man.

“The fundamental purpose of GiB is to get some of the most experienced online players to train people who are too shy or unsure of themselves. These trainers will take new players through the basics of the game, graduating them from the very basics all the way up to the insights which are necessary to take part in competitive online play.

As the head of Gamers in Beta, I would like to thank all the trainers and MWEB GameZone for the time and effort to put the program in place. GiB can advance gaming in South Africa by being a platform that is used to grow the amount of gamers taking part in competitive gaming. More importantly it serves as a community center for the growth and development of gamers. The gaming community can be quite a rough ride for new gamers, but GiB assists in training and allowing for new gamers to get the experience they need.”

I also caught up with Alex "RøiÐzZ" Rymil, captain of the ASF LoL team. He will head up the training for GiB LoL edition.

“I am the proud co-owner and creator of the clan that won the League of Legends event at rAge (WickeD SicK GaminG), I am also one of the main admins for LoL South Africa.

The South African gaming community for League of Legends itself is amazing. Marnewicke "Switch19" Loubser has been a driving force in pushing local community growth. In one year, we have gone from 100 members to 1000+ and this is just the beginning. We host and run an annual league as well and a number of weekend tournaments with our sponsors backing.

After rAge 2012 I merged WicKeD SicK GaminG with ASF, a clan determined to help change the face of South African gaming and to get us to the point where we can compete with the best in the world. ASF introduced me to GiB, I am so excited to get the chance to give back to the community and improve LoL gaming in South Africa.


This is our basic outline for GiB LoL training:
  • Cover the basics, for example, last hitting, zoning and trading.
  • Expand the general knowledge of the meta and the game itself.
  • Thorough covering of the Rules of Engagement.
  • Guidelines for competitive gaming, for example, decision making skills, communication and focus.
  • Introduce players to the local LoL community
  • Get players involved in the competitive scene.

League of Legends has taken the world by storm, shooting its way through the eSports world rivaling games like Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. LoL picked up massive support along the way and knocked World of Warcraft out of the No.1 spot as most played game.

I want to challenge you with this if you think you can handle what I throw at you in the GiB program, then I will take your game further than what you think it can be. Lastly I want to encourage LoL players with this, rather than complain about the slow progress of LoL SA, decide to throw in your weight with GiB and be part of taking the community to the world stage.”

The MWEB GameZone team is honored and excited to play a small part in helping the SA gaming community grow. We thank all the gamers who take the time off from their busy schedules to add to this effort.

If you are interested in signing up for the 1st session of League of Legends training, please sign-up at this forum post: League of Legends Training on 15 November - SIGNUPS

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