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NFS: Most Wanted makes me want to crash my car into Criterion Games

I just saw the latest gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Most Wanted (NFSMW), this was my reaction.


Before you rage at me, allow me to explain.

The first NFSMW changed my gaming palate, before I was introduced to racing games, I was a first-person shooter only gamer, I lived to play shoot-em ups. Then I laid my hands on a Logitech, Momo steering wheel, took a spin in the Most Wanted world and never looked back. I played that game till I had blisters on my hands. I armed myself with a pack of plasters, fought my hubby for control of the steering wheel and raced for days. I kid you not, NFSMW has been the only game that I’ve ever played (and I’ve played more than you), without stopping for days on end. I didn’t care for food, rest or for my hubby.

I simply couldn’t get enough of the challenge of racing, pimping my ride and unlocking new cars. With each new ride I had that feeling of accomplishment that comes from working hard for something and knowing you earned the reward.


That moment when I finally unlocked the Porsche Carrera GT.  

Now, take a look at the gameplay trailer for the new Need for Speed Most Wanted, and tell me if this makes you want to get your racing on.

  • Every car is available to you from the very beginning.
  • Simply drive up to a car and jump in, it’s THAT easy.
  • For the first time ever, you have the power to customize the performance of your car instantly to deal with any situation.
  • Upgrade your car with a reinforced chassis, using easy drive to take down your rival.
  • Stay one step ahead of the cops by equipping re-inflating tyres to run over spike strips (seriously wth?).
  • Add impact protection to smash through roadblocks.

The video ends with these words, “The battle to be most wanted starts here.” This statement is kind of ridiculous after listing all the features that take the “battle” out of the game. Remember how challenging it was in the first NFSMW, to outdrive the cops? I got sweaty palms with every single boss race. Every car you unlocked was a new learning experience, every race an adrenaline rush.

Give me back my challenge :(

Need for Speed Most Wanted releases October, 30 on PC, PS 2 and Xbox 360. For special pre-order packs visit here.

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