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The Internet waits for Boring Borderlands, I wait for Sherlock Holmes

While gamers all over the world are still hang up on silly shoot'em ups, collecting loot like real life hoarders and obsessing over repetitive gameplay, I am waiting for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. The Holmes video game series is known for its intelligence, the authentic presentation of Sherlock Holmes and a gripping storyline. In just two days the most famous detective of times past and present will make his appearance on Xbox 360, PS 3 and PC. Gamers will play as Sherlock Holmes, but this time, he comes under suspicion himself.


"Elementary, dear Watson!"

Sherlock Holmes is nothing short of a legend. As a fan-girl of all things Holmes, I’ve read almost every novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well as seen every movie. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Rose Tattoo was one of my first adventure games and I loved every moment that I spend walking in the shoes of this great detective. The video game succeeded surprisingly well in being true to the character of Sherlock Holmes. I found the puzzles to be challenging, the dialogue between Watson and Holmes flavored with that familiar dry wit and the game environment reflecting the ambiance of an 1889 London beautifully.


Examination of crimes scenes, collection of clues and evidence, pursuing of leads, questioning of witnesses and suspects, reasoning and deduction work, this is the heart of a Sherlock Holmes video game.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes will no doubt again be a worthy game in honor of detective Holmes. From the official website, this is what gamers can expect from the game.

The Story, London, 1898

Holmes has just successfully solved a new case by retrieving a priceless set of jewels that had been stolen. Unfortunately, the jewels' owner reveals that the necklace Holmes returned to him is a pale imitation...and everything seems to incriminate the detective!

A true descent into hell starts for Sherlock Holmes.  London begins to have doubts and starts to lose its trust in Holmes who is incapable of refuting suspicions or of disproving the charges against him.  Even Doctor Watson's unshakable faith in his friend starts to waver as the famous detective avoids Scotland Yard and increases strange behavior: night escapades, blackmail, destruction of evidence...Can Holmes go so far as to murder someone?

Dark and sinister, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes features a Sherlock Holmes like you have never seen before.  It is a breath-taking story that multiplies twists and turns to constantly surprise players already captivated by Sherlock Holmes' dark side.


You will need to be a keen observer on the different crime scenes in order to examine every single clue.

The challenge

Use all of your skills to sort out the numerous twists and mysteries of this investigation. Your logic and the game's ingenious deduction system will be of great help to link the facts together and draw the right conclusions. During the questioning, you will choose your approach to put your interlocutor off guard to find out as much information as possible!  In the end, you will lead a head-on open investigation, sometimes playing as Sherlock Holmes, sometimes as Doctor Watson. You alone will decide which leads to follow.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes digs into Sherlock Holmes' own personality. Is Sherlock Holmes who is known for his serenity and unmatched sense of logic truly the man everyone believes he is? The Testament of Sherlock Holmes answers that question without betraying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work. The game explores the detective's hidden side during a great and captivating adventure that will turn out to be a true descent into hell for the one we thought we know.

I for one cannot wait to put my detective cap, or rather in Holmes’s case, my deerstalker on again. You can pre-purchase the game from Steam and receive a free copy of Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper.

If you’ve not yet seen it, feast your eyes on this gripping The Testament of Sherlock Holmes trailer.

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