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Master Chief is not just a set of armour with a gun

Microsoft released an absolutely fascinating documentary about the human side of Master Chief. The video breathes life into the ‘e-universe’s’ most stoic and silent hero. Through the eyes of his makers we see a side of him that is not just about chasing after aliens and blowing stuff up. 


Halo 4 knocks Master Chief right out of his comfort zone of being the accomplished hero, into a scenario where he explores the emotional journey that led to that place of the saviour of the universe. He will face questions like: “What are the sacrifices that you need to make in order to preserve something as precious as humanity?” and “What are the burdens a Guardian will carry?”

Unlike its predecessors, in Halo 4 the uncharted frontiers of what it means to be human in the multiverse of races at war will be the central theme of the game. Master Chief will face situations where he is required to take stock of himself and reassess his decisions. The relationship of accountability and transparency that exists between Crotana and Master Chief will be another powerful influence that will shape the direction of his footsteps in a universe filled to the brim with moral dilemmas and clashing interests.

The Halo series has always captured the more emotional side of the gaming experience through its exquisite soundtrack. The music is hauntingly beautiful and touches the deeper strings of the heart. It succeeds in quieting down the adrenaline pumped noise of war and fills the mind with quiet contemplation. Halo 4 will again invest in a score that will highlight the cost of a universe at war.

Every moment in Halo 4 will aim to draw the player into a deeper understanding of the Halo series. It will seek to provide insight into the protagonist’s place and impact over decades of history. 343 Industries wants gamers to invest emotionally in the journey of Master Chief. Check out the documentary to see exactly how they will manage to do just that.

Halo 4 releases for Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.

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