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Medal of Honor Warfighter: Snipe like a pro

With Medal of Honor Warfighter (MOHW), Electronic Arts (EA) is going beyond the call of duty to add a frightening element of realism to the gaming experience. As an indication of just how far EA is willing to push the envelope, the studio linked the products of weapons manufactures on the official MOH website. You could play with a gun in the game, and if you liked it, EA showed you where you could buy the real McCoy. Gamers are not delusional, we understand that we are just playing at soldier, and we therefor took up our e-arms to shut down this madness. The links have been removed and an apology made by EA.

With the release of Sniper: SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Series Episode 1, it looks like EA is back on track with just the right dose of realism.


According to the press release, this is what the SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Series brings to the fight.

SEAL Snipers are universally feared for their innate ability to stalk, target and then peal apart the enemy from extreme distances while in total concealment. Combined with lethality and surgical precision, SEAL Snipers have a devastating and demoralizing effect on those who attempt to engage them.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is the most authentic shooter on the market this year. This authenticity is derived from expert consultation with nearly two dozen real world Tier 1 Operators. In this one-of-kind, 10-part Combat Training series learn the mind-set of the most elite warriors on the planet from members of SEAL Team 6 and global Operators from around the world.

The latest video also provides a bit more information on the single-player version of the game. We get glimpses into the madness that Preacher will go through in the war torn world of Medal of Honor Warfighter. The game releases for PC, Xbox and PS3 on October 23, 2012. If you pre-order the game from Origin you will also receive a beta key for Battlefield 4.

For insight into how to snipe like a pro, check out this fascinating video.

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