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Mass Effect, the gift that keeps on giving

The Mass Effect franchise is not just a game for me, it has been a gift. I’ve played with one Shepard throughout the whole series. I will always remember it as the game that gave me an e-family. Call me crazy if you want, but yes, I did form emotional connections with the characters that traversed space with me. I cried in Mass Effect 3 when Mordin gave his life to rectify the genophage. When I thought Grunt died in order for me to save the Rachni queen I wanted to quit the game. My conversations on the Normady with Eve (Urdnot Bakara) regarding the deaths of the Krogan babies had a profound effect on me. She instilled such a deep feeling of empathy and immense respect for the struggle the Krogan race went through, that I will probably remember her as I long as I live. I felt so honoured fighting alongside Garrus throughout the series. The Turians are a race of proud warriors and leaders, one cannot but respect them. The exquisite Samara took my breath away; she is the epitome of all that is beautiful and mysterious. My favourite character of the series is Legion. The Geth with their fascinating thought processes had me clued to my screen and my mind spinning in a vortex of thought for hours on end. I can write an essay about every character that shared life with me on board the Normady. It has truly been a journey that will remain in my heart for a very long time. Tomorrow Bioware releases the Mass Effect 3 Leviathan single-player DLC pack for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and I can yet again spend time in the company of my favourite video game characters.


Every point of view is useful, even those that are wrong - if we can judge why a wrong view was accepted. Legion

Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, plays of in the period before Shepard launches his final attack on the Reapers. Buried deep beneath the surface of the sea, Shepard discovers a creature so dangerous it can take on a Reaper.

“Something lurks in the dark corners of space, something powerful enough to kill a Reaper. Shepard must discover the most closely guarded secret in the galaxy before the Reapers silence it forever. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan expands upon the events of Mass Effect 3, with gripping and emotional storytelling, compelling new characters, and powerful weapons and upgrades. Unravel the dark history about the Reapers as you race across the galaxy to discover the Leviathan.”

Leviathan will be available to download for 800 MS Points on Xbox LIVE, $9.99 on PlayStation Network, and 800 BioWare Points on Origin on August 28th.

Check out the gripping Leviathan video.

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