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We are the Champions!

I mean the cannon fodder. Sat, 25 August marks the day team Epic, also known as team GameZone enters the arena of the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) professionals. Yes ladies and gents, we are taking up arms to face off against the fearsome pro teams in the MWEB 16Bittf HL Cup. Our opponents all boast years of experience in TF2; they can manage gravity defying rocket jumps, headshot you from the opposite side of the map and lay down area denial traps as if they spawned from real life Special Forces.

For agreeing to take them on, We are Legend. Allow me to introduce this team of fearless warriors. For added ambiance, hit the play button before you read on.

We are the brave; we don't flinch in the face of terror, we don’t say no to a challenge and we will never surrender. Meet GameZone's line up for the very first 16Bittf MWEB GameZone Highlander Cup

  lola (Custom).jpg

Lola as Soldier and captain of this ridiculous outfit.


Choc_Salties as the Heavy, spinning the biggest gun in TF2.


bosbvok as Pyro, our master of the blow.


Schmoe as Medic, ubering from all sides ;)


Likalota as Scout, our speedy conzales.


dahashman as Engineer with plans to get his equipment up quickly.


Pupnut as Demoman and the only hope of the team.  

  TF2_Sniper_by_The_Loiterer (Custom).jpg

Sniper position is still vacant, any volunteers?

  spy (Custom).jpg

Anyone fancy doing it from behind like a Spy?

The finals will take place on Sunday, and will be shoutcasted by none other than our very own Choc_Salties. He will be joined by more knowledgable TF2 players to provide spectators with insight into the complex world of TF2 competitive play. For more information on this delightful event, visit the 16Bittf homepage here.


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