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Medal of Honor Warfighter sets its sights on eSports

At GamesCom, I had the opportunity to get a bit of hands on time with the newest incarnation of the Medal of Honour Series, Warfigther. The particular mode that they introduced us to in the dark briefing room of EA's Behind the Scenes was 'Home Run'. This mode was touted by the presenters as a game type that was set to make Warfigther a serious contender in the eSports arena.  

Medal of Honour Stand at GamesCom.jpg 

Medal of Honour Stand at Gamescom (rear)

The game mode itself is setup for 6v6 combat across small, tight maps, where players are set to capture two flags or eliminate the enemy to win the round. The part that makes it exciting, is that there are no re-spawns. Sure, other games have done the same in the past like Counter-Strike, but it does add a nail-biting aspect to the game play - when you are the last guy left on the team, the pressure is on!  

The players will be able to select one of 6 classes, Assaulter, Point Man, Heavy Gunner, Spec Ops, Sniper and Demolitions. Sniper in this mode is not the greatest,  although the Sniper sports a pretty deadly automatic pistol as a secondary weapon. Each class also gets special weapons that they can deploy in the conflict areas, for example the Assaulter can call down a cluster bomb strike, Spec Ops can call down either a Mortar Strike or an A10 strafing run and Point Men can call up a UAV that reports enemies on the map.  

The game did leave a good impression; The graphics, courtesy of the Frostbite 2 engine, were pretty impressive and the game play was fast and fun. If you ask me, this    title was created to take the Call of Duty franchise on, with game play more similar to those titles than Battlefield 3. So, EA have been pretty clever not to create    competition for their own shooter-title. Pretty smart considering that BF3 still has lots of legs with the DLC coming out this year.

Given that its very likely that MOH Warfigther will have local servers, based on part history, its going to be a good title to consider for the Christmas stocking when its released in October this year. The only think I could kick myself for not asking was - does THIS title have a spectator mode for competitive gaming like Battlerecorder? If it doesn't, I seriously think the title damages its chances to get acceptance in the eSports community, given that no spectator mode means no  shout-casting, streaming game play and a lack of proper administration of tournaments.

To end, you will notice that there are loads of country's Special Forces represented, even Australia and Norway, but nothing for South Africa (see the pics attached). Don't despair, its seems that players can also earn tokens and spend them on developing their home country.The details of this were not revealed, but the system will be tied into Battlelog. So, maybe we'll get SA up there with our own Special Special forces for the next version. What our Spec Ops be called though, are they still Reccies? Help me out here..

australian SASR.jpg 

Aussie Special Services. Kif hairstyle, bru. 

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