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A horror filled space exploration with Routine

Sifting through the current video games press overload, otherwise known as Gamescom, I found this promising new game from Indie studio, Lunar Software. Routine is a first-person horror exploration game set in space, and it has me in a vice grip of fearful anticipation.


Routine reminds me of the loneliness in Doom, the horror of Aliens and the dread of Slender.

My fixation with Indie games are grudgingly accepted by my employer. Where AAA titles have ceased to impress me, Indie games seem to continue to blow my mind away with its ability to tell compelling stories, create immersive atmospheres and to well, just, be a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated, stale playground of video gaming.

The glimpse we see of the dreadful world of Routine hints at a game that will be on par with mainstream games on graphics and with a soundtrack that cloaks the player in absolute terror. Mick Gordon is the audio director for Routine. This accomplished music genius worked on the Need for Speed series, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Edge of Twilight.

The trailer reminds me of my beloved Doom series, except that it seems there is a significant lack of a BFG. The atmosphere is drenched in suspense and the promise of a madly insane chase on an abandoned space station. As the (probable) sole survivor of the Lunar Research Station, you are tasked with collecting enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of your co-workers. As if things don’t seem bleak enough, you will also have to survive with no health packs, or the safety net of multiple lives. To add to the sense of disorientation and overall confusion, you will also have no heads-up display (HUD) to assist you in navigating through this maze of hell.

Lunar Software plans to deliver Routine to your PC in early 2013. Keep an eye on GameZone as I have an interview scheduled with the developers of this promising title.

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Check out the trailer to experience a few minutes of heart-stopping space horror.

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