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Capcom introduces memory bending with new game: Remember Me

Gamescom kicked of yesterday with Capcom announcing a brand new IP; meaning, not a sequel or prequel, but a brand new video game. And the crowds rejoiced.

Remember Me

Remember Me.jpg

You play as Nilin, a memory hunter.

Remember Me is a sci-fi, action/adventure set in Neo Paris, 2084. The proposed future for humanity has basically done away with secrecy - memories can be bought and sold, and people can know anything about anyone for the right price. Nilin, a memory hunter, becomes the hunted as her own memory gets wiped. The game’s central theme centres on the notion that, to change the world, all you really have to do is change someone's mind. And in 2084 that's alarmingly possible.    

Remember Me action.jpg

Remember Me blends quick, acrobatic combat, exploration and puzzle solving.

People are fitted with a Sensen device, short for Sensation Engine, on the back of their neck. Through hacking this device victim’s memories can be altered and/or stolen. A corporation called Memoreyes controls these implants, opposing Memoreyes is a group of underground activists, the Errorists. As you will see in the trailer, Nilin is tasked to “take out” a target. In Remember Me, this doesn’t have to be done by a conventional method such as shooting, but by altering a victim’s memories, thereby manipulating him to, for example, commit suicide.

Although Remember Me is set in the future, the cities and game environment look very much like today’s modern cities, just with added tech. This adds a feeling of familiarity to the game and the foreboding that just maybe this could be a prediction of our own future world.

I find the possibility of being able to store and steal memories fascinating. The implications this would have on ethics, privacy and economics are staggering, it would fundamentally change how the world operates. I hope the game is not just another shoot them up, but that it also explores these complex consequences.

Remember Me is being developed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms and is scheduled to launch in May 2013. Check out this thrilling Gamescom debut trailer.

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