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Updates to die for in the land called Team Fortress 2

Update 1: 16Bittf & MWEB GameZone TF2 HL-Jam Cup

I hope you’ve been practicing on übering from all sides, brushed up on innovative sentry placement, got those gravity defying rocket jumps down, figured out creative area denial techniques with stickies, execute miles away double headshot kills, stop attacks by stunning opponents with your Sandman (and finding that darn ball again), give it to enemies from behind with the Spy-cicle, keeping Sasha revved up and be the team’s meat shield, and my personal favourite, can you blow like a pro with the Flamethrower yet? If not, you’ve still got some time left to polish up on those skills.


Here are the most important details for the Highlander Cup

  • Team entries close on Monday, 19 August, so no more time to waste. Get your team signed up soldier!
  • We have a staggering 9 teams signed up and almost ready to go. The teams that short players can check out available talent on the Team Finder wall here.
  • If you’ve read and understood the general Highlander rule set nod your head. If you’ve been bad and not checked the 16Bittf website on a daily basis, hang your head in shame and go check it out here.
  • Über yourself for strength and grab a mate to try and unravel the map win conditions, which will appear on the 16Bittf site later today. If you still don’t understand the intricacies of the win conditions, poke a Lola here.
  • After many hours of uncertainty, head scratching and “can I please call  friend" moments, we’ve managed to conjure up a server for strutting it Highlander style. Just type connect to in console, the password is game. If you find any errors on it, smack yourself hard and again, poke a Lola.
  • Team seedings and other useful information will be released next week, so keep your eyes glued to 16Bittf.
  • This is our final offer, take up your class of choice and stand the chance to utterly humiliate the GameZone admin team in a fun filled Highlander battle. Coming to you the weekend of 25-27 August.

Oh and we’ve decided to hand out our CS:GO keys before the competition, so there go the prizes. There are talks of shiny new things to hand out, so if you feel generous (hint, hint), contact us on the 16Bittf Facebook page.

Update 2: Kong King makes a debut in the Fortress


“Were you thinking, "I really like playing TF2, but I wish there was a King of the Hill map set in a Chinese cityscape"? Well, your oddly specific and scarily prescient dreams have come true! Introducing Kong King - TF2’s first city-themed map! - created in collaboration with Sleeping Dogs and community member Valentin Levillain, aka 3Dnj.”

Update 3: TF2 Co-op mode announced, wait what?!


“Mann vs. Machine is a new co-operative game for Team Fortress 2 that lets you and five friends wage a desperate battle to stop a lethal horde of robots from deploying a bomb in one of Mann Co.’s many strongholds. Take advantage of breaks between waves to upgrade your abilities and weapons. Survive all the waves in any of a variety of missions to earn incredible loot.”

The moment this was announced talks of ‘machine rape’ started doing the rounds on IRC.

Underpant • checked out that new tf2 update? MvM :D Lola ye looks epic fun, we gonna pew pew! Underpant • RAEP Lola • raep da machines! I know right, TF2 players, all totally bonkers ;) I will of course be testing out the machine rape theory and inform our GameZone readers of its validity.

The steel horde from hell is set to rise on PC and Mac for free tomorrow. More man versus steel updates will be coming our way in the next few days, so make sure to keep your browser open on the official TF2 website. If you’ve not yet had a peek at the Legion of Steel, check out the trailer.

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