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Steam really going to Linux it seems...

Plenty of speculation has been going around whether Steam would ever bring the Steam platform to Linux, and it seems that it looks like that for enthusiasts that this is going to come to pass.

A newly established blog reveals that, although Linux is extensively used internally and developed for gameserver use, getting the Steam client going as well as having something to play on it, was a challenge. Good news for us Linux players is that the Steam client has already been ported, with most of the features already running, as well a running port of Left4Dead2, using OpenGL for graphics rendering, instead of Microsofts' proprietary DirectX.
Both the Steam Client and Left4Dead2 are in a running condition, but obviously not without flaws, this early in the development. The Steam Client doesn't support auto-update yet, and the graphics performance of L4D2 under OpenGL still needs some work.

Both the client and game have been ported over to Ubuntu 12.04, which is being used as the basis for testing and initial deployment. Reasons cited for focussing on Ubuntu only is cut testing time and make iteration easier and faster, as well as Ubuntu being one of the most popular and visible distributions out there. That being stated, development will later include other distributions, once the initial push onto the operatiing system, as a whole, has been completed.
I don't know about you guys but I'm excited - with so much development happening for Android and Mac (both of which have got either Linux or BSD Unix roots, so do share some common ancestry) it may be hopefully more sooner rather than later that mainstreaming gaming would be become ubiquitous and independent of originating platform. Some might argue that this may be similar to the Gaikai and OnLive! initiatives, but native rather than cloud-based gaming is preferable to some players, mainly due to constraints of Internet speeds.

Thanks to PCMag for the alert, and the Valve Linux Blog for the source

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