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GTA V PC Review - The wait was worth it

It’s here. It’s FINALLY here! Grand Theft Auto V made it’s long awaited debut on April 14th, and it has been the talk of the town ever since. It’s no secret that any Grand Theft Auto title is best experienced on PC, we’ll just leave it at that. My return to Los Santos was met with disbelief. I’ve played this game on every platform, to completion on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, and as if I was traveling home to for the first time in years to my beautiful hometown, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of Los Santos. The attention to detail, immersive environment and the sense of endless adventure catches me every time I sit down to play GTA V.


While the story line remains unchanged, the new additions to Grand Theft Auto V are what will keep me returning to Los Santos over, and over again. Here’s what we had to say about Grand Theft Auto V.



"The story is vast and interesting, but not too complex. It’s a riff on the old “criminal wants to retire but finds himself called back” theme; in this case, the character Michael recognises he has no life without some spark of enjoyment. That enjoyment is anchored by his best friend, Trevor, and his protégé Franklin. The way the characters meet, especially Franklin and Michael, makes for great writing. With them, Michael’s only joy comes from intricate heists." - Tauriq Moosa, Review GTA V: A big beautiful destruction

"The enthralling open world adventure, if you’d call it that, is best experienced in this remastered version. It’s more than visually pleasing, it’s enthralling and captivating at the same time. The addition of first-person gives you the most real life experience you can imagine, short of landing yourself in jail by committing some of the crimes you’re drawn to." - Kyle Wolmarans, Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Review - Beautiful Corruption

There’s no doubt I plan to get lost in the story once again, but deadlines are deadlines so I averted all my attention to latest, and probably best, features on GTA V -  Heists.

Online - An FPS players dream

As I closed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I felt my preparation ahead of my first few online stints would suffice. I was warmed up and ready for first-person shooter madness. I soon realized how limited and nauseating the first-person mode was. After a while I felt a bit let down - I wasn’t able to take in all the mayhem, as one rightfully should, in first-person mode. I switched back to third-person, well one of the third-person views, and breathed in the chaos.


Once you’ve completed the story and move on to GTA V Online, you’ll understand just how quickly time can surpass you. GTA V offers a whole new world of multiplayer missions. This is where my FPS skills would have to carry me forward, and I might add it did. Choose from the classic Deathmatch, racing on land, racing on sea, joining in co-operative missions or just wreaking havoc in Los Santos. There really is something for everyone.




It’s not uncommon to just ride around killing off players on the multiplayer servers, creating arch enemies. One small gripe I had, and it seemed to not only be me, was the latency issue when loading in and playing multiplayer. As soon as I entered the loading screen my latency jumped to 1300+ ms. This made life extremely difficult and I noticed slight desynchronization while driving/running around in multiplayer. I thought this might have been an isolated incident, but after discussing it with friends in Europe and South Africa it was clear I wasn’t the only one.


Becoming the criminal with Heists

Easily the most exciting aspect of GTA V. Heists are objective based missions which you unlock once your character hits level 12. Once you’ve unlocked the Heists it’s advised you pick 3 of your most competent friends and get cracking. There are 5 Heists available on GTA V Online: The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding and The Pacific Standard Job. You’re able to vary the difficulty, where teamwork becomes more prevalent as you continue. Last night we completed The Prison Break, which I decided to record. Be warned though, the video contains strong language and some suggestive content - Viewer discretion is advised.

We had given the Heist about 3 tries prior to completion, first try we had no idea what we were doing, and the 2nd two we lost a player to lag each time. After each Heist you will receive a rank, experience and of course your cut of the pot. There are bonus awards as well, so make sure you save up for that Armored Vehicle or Rocket launcher.

Closing thoughts

I’ll say it again, Grand Theft Auto V is not one of the best games ever, no… it IS the best game ever. While Grand Theft Auto IV’s port to PC was met with mixed reviews, it’s no secret that it’s successor has been the best PC release to date. If you own GTA V on any other platform and have a PC which meets the requirements, I strongly suggest you get it as soon as possible. I guarantee you’ll be taken aback, again, by how truly amazing this game really is.

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