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Katy Perry Returns to the Sims 3 in "Sweet Treats"

Hot off the heels of The Sims 3: Showtime, Katy Perry is returning to the Sims universe this June in the new expansion, "The Sims 3: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats".

This upcoming expansion will feature colorful items to enhance the Sims' surroundings, including a waffle-cone picnic table, cupcake-themed guitars and Perry's favorite, a banana-split sofa. All of this will be happening within a new Perry-inspired "Candyfornia," where they can outfit their Sims in an array of Perry's clothing and hairstyles and turn their neighborhoods and homes into a sweet-tooth's dream. 

"I loved being a part of all the creative process ... which outfit is my Sim going to have, what kind of hair color. Because when we were creating it together, I had pink hair, now I'm blue," Perry told MTV News in February. "But you now have so many options."

"It's more costumes, more props, more 'Candyfornia,' is what I call it, to add to your 'Sims' game," Perry said. "What's awesome about this is that some of the pieces that they had made and sketched for the 'Sweet Treats' package are so cool that I think I'm going to get them made. There's this one banana-split sofa that you're sitting on the banana part and the rest of the frosting and all the ice cream, it looks like it's melting ... so cool! I'm like, 'Where can I pull all this crazy stuff?' "

Now here's a funny I didn't know about: Katy Perry did a song for the Sims 2 way back for "Apartment Life". She recorded "Hot 'n Cold" in the official Sims language, Simlish. She has since recorded another of her songs, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," for the upcoming title, also in Simlish.

Looking forward to adding this little addon to my collection in June!

Thanks to MTV and EA for the alert!

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