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Dota 2 custom maps are coming

It's not uncommon to get a bit bored of Dota 2, I, myself, have been in a bit of Dota 2 slump for the past few month and have turned to Counter-Strike, but the times are changing. Since Valve introduced the Workshop Tools Alpha, we've seen a resurgence in Custom maps. For those of us stuck in the MMR (Match Making Rating) trenches, or if you're just tired of playing the same game over and over there is a breath of fresh air on the horizon. Custom Maps are exploding onto the Dota 2 Workshop reviving familiar classics like Pudge Wars, Elemental Tower Defense, Gem Tower Defense, Enfos, and more. We've received a glimpse of Custom Maps with the annual events of Diretide and Frostivus, but as greedy players... we want more. Today we're going to take a look at some of the popular favourites currently in the Alpha phase.

Pudge Wars

Pudge is everybody's favourite worst hero to play. Undoubtedly the most popular hero to play and the map which tested your hooking skills is back with new and improved graphics and features.


The game places 5 players on either side of the river who then attempt to hook each other across with length hooks which deal damage over distance. Upgrade your speed, damage and hook distance with increase gold and levels achieved by proving yourself to be the best hooker in the business. Easily the most wanted custom map of them all.

Run Kitty Run

Pretty self explanatory; you're on a kitty (Mirana) and you gotta run. Mazes test your mobility and wolves will try and attack you as you make your way along the path.


The real task is clicking fast enough to dodge the wolves (dogs) and be the first to finish the maze. Die and you have to start all over again.

Crazy Soccer

Io (the ball of light) is finally put to good use, after fading out of the meta, in the new custom map called Crazy Soccer. Fifa 15 Dota 2 Edition was unfortunately disallowed by EA alongside this proposal of a new intro video:

Crazy Soccer is a 5 on 5 custom map which sees poor Io being knocked around (not really kicked in the true sense of the game) by Earth Spirit.


This is definitely a must play for me as a fan of both soccer and Dota 2.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode encapulates a more Role Playing Game style of the custom maps for Dota 2 allowing free roam single player, Co-operative play, and Competitive Adventures.


There's a free camera mode which adds a more RPG feel, you're able to discover secrets along the adventure while defeating enemies and bosses

Much, much more

There's honestly a whole host of custom maps currently in the Workshop and while I chose some of my favourite there's a few honourable mentions. Instead of continuing to add the images DotaCinema have been kind enough to compile this little hype video.

I recall my Warcraft III map folder containing 1 hundreds, if not thousands, of custom maps. The possibilities are endless. I've even heard rumours of a Dota 2 Pokemon game?

How do you play Custom Games?

It's relatively simple, but I've compiled a short step by step video for your convenience.

I plan to play a few Custom Games here and there, maybe it will reignite my passion to play again. I hope you all enjoy the modes as they move from Alpha to Beta relatively soon. My question is, will Valve make us pay for these?

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