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Bungie talks about Destiny's future


Millions of players around the world, 4.8 million to be exact, are grinding their teeth in impatient anticipation for the full release of Destiny on September 9th. While the players are fantasising about space wizards, how to overcome The Hive or just chilling with fellow Guardians, Bungie is gearing up to make Destiny the most immersive gaming experience in history. How will Bungie achieve that? By having "an activity for every mood of player."

Eurogamer interviewed Destiny's director of production, Jonty Barnes, and lead concept artist, Jesse van Dijk, about where they're heading with the game. One of the most interesting points from the interview is the feedback from the Beta stress tests. It seems we might just have a first for gaming - A game that will have a smooth Day One release on all platforms.

So we're pretty confident going into the launch that we're going to have a game that's going to work for all four consoles on day one," says Barnes.

Another interesting point was about the classes, Warlock was clearly the class of choice, but the difference from Warlock to the least preferred class was less than two percent.


The Warlock class was inspired by the Star Wars series' Jedi knights, The Lord of the Rings series' Gandalf, and The Matrix series' Morpheus

"One of the pleasant surprises was the distribution between the player classes was really even", says van Dijk, with Barnes adding that "I can tell you there's less than two per cent between the lowest and the highest."

One of the major player concerns is that Destiny has only four planets, with one place is each to explore. According to Barnes, that concern is unfounded, "I don't understand how people could have that concern when you think about that and all the different planets we're going to open up and the gameplay we've got there."

To further ease player concerns, van Dijk reaffirmed Bungie's commitment to make Destiny an ever evolving game, "It's going to be a very organic process. We definitely intended Destiny to be this living and breathing world. It's certainly not the case that we ship the product on the disc and that's it. As soon as it becomes live we're going to interpret the way people play the game and cater towards that by offering new content and literally making sure there's a new thing for you to do every single day."

Here's a summary of the rest of the interview:

  • Bungie is working on Better UI readability
  • Nightfall Strikes - Just one of the new events that will keep the game fresh
  • Raids - A strong focus is on making sure Raids are competitive and challenging. Bungie might also look at improving finding players for Raids, much like traditional MMO's use.  
  • Your journey has barely begun - As the player's Guardian evolves, so will he/she unlock more of the game
  • Using the solar system - more content will unlock which Bungie is not talking about at the moment
  • Unlock Destiny's secrets - There are a lot of hidden content locked away for players who are curious enough to explore.
  • Level cap is at 30, but then there will be other feature to explore to make your Guardian more complete

You can check out the full interview here. What's your expectations for Destiny? Do you think it has enough content to keep you playing for years to come?

Something I find interesting after the Beta - Remember when we published the article "Destiny will not be the new genre leader – 6 cornerstones of a successful MMO" People were very quick to point out how Destiny is not an MMO, and they were correct in doing so, only now, a lot of people are giving Beta feedback saying Bungie should incorporate more MMO features to ensure longevity of the game.

Last but not least, here's something to make the wait...even crueler ;) Enjoy the new Destiny launch trailer.

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