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League of Legends World Championship Detailed

The worlds most popular online game is getting ready for its penultimate event, the League of Legends World Championship. The event will see the best 3 teams from North America, Europe, Korea and China, two teams from Taiwan and South East Asia as well as two wild card winners fight it out in Seoul, Korea, for over $2 million in prize money. 

World Championship Format and Prizes

The League of Legends 2014 World Championship will be taking place in 4 cities over 5 weeks. The group matches will be played across Taipei, Singapore and Busan before ending with the 2014 World Final on Oct. 19th at Sangam Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. 


Each team will be placed in 1 of four groups, each consisting of 4 teams. These groups of 4 will then duke it out against one another, with each team playing a total of three matches. The action will then move on to a quarter final showdown in Busan, Korea in October before the victorious teams emerge to battle it out in Seoul (home of defending champions SKT T1 K) in the semifinals and final. 

The 2014 World Final will be held on October 19th at Sangam Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. The stadium was used as venue for the 2002 FIFA World Cup and numerous other sporting and entertainment events in the region. The venue has a capacity of almost 67,000, much larger compared to last year's venue of 11,000 at the Staples Center, L.A. 


League of Legends 2013 World Championship at the Staples Center, L.A

The team who grabs first place at the grand finals will be awarded $1 million dollars, with second place to be rewarded with $250,000 and third and fourth place earning $150,000. Teams in fifth to eight place will each earn $75,000. 

The two wild card teams will be determined by two regional playoffs that will take place in South America and Europe. The first spot will be determined when Latin America go up to play against Brazil at the NA LCS Regional Final. The second and last available place will take place when the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Turkey will fight it out at EU LCS Regional Final for the final spot. 

Who will qualify and who will take the title? 

Out of the 16 teams, there is one favorite, SKT T1, the defending champions who are expected to walk away with the full $1 milliion in prize money. They will undoubtedly be using their stacked line up of star players to their full effect, whilst relying on their most well known player, Faker, to pull them out of any tough situation. 

I, however, will be throwing my support into the corner of the North American undefeated champions of 2013, Cloud 9 (C9). The team headed by Hai, the captain of C9 has had a much tougher season this year as they have had some stiff competition from the likes of CLG and TSM whom have been nipping at their heels.  C9 have also proved themselves quite the formidable opponents at the international level, as they managed to pull off some wins earlier this year at the All Starts event despite having their captain sidelined due to an collapsed lung. 

Looking over to the European chances, we have three teams that are expected to make it to the World Championships, they are; Fnatic, SK Gaming and Alliance. The EU LCS has been hotly contested this season, where SK Gaming have managed to claw out some possitive results in recent weeks. Fnatic will look to their bot lane to hold them through the qualifiers, with their long standing adc Rekkles and support Yellowstar to pull them through the current meta. 

Qualifiers time schedule 

The qualifiers for the European LCS team kicked off yesterday, and will run its coarse of the next two weeks at Gamescom. Here is a full listing of all the qualifiers, you can expect to catch most of the action on Riot Games's official channel. 

  • European LCS Qualifiers (3 teams) - Qualifiers: at Gamescom 07/08/2014 – 17/08/2014
  • North American LCS Qualifiers (3 teams)Qualifiers: at PAX Prime 23/08/2014 – 01/09/2014
  • OGN South Korea Qualifiers (3 teams) - Qualifiers: 27/08/2014 – 30/08/2014
  • LPL China Qulaifers (3 teams) - Qualifiers: 06/09/2014 – 07/09/2014
  • GPL South East Asia Taiwan (2 teams) - Qualifiers: 21/08/2014 – 23/08/2014
  • CIS, Oceania and Turkey (1 team) - Qualifiers: Gamescom 13/08/2014 – 17/08/2014
  • Brazil and Latin America (1 team) - Qualifiers: PAX Prime 29/08/2014  

Will you be tuning into the action of the League of Legends World Championship? If so, who will you supporting? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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