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Bioware's new IP - Horror, Supernatural Powers and the Occult?

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While everyone has been focusing on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect 4, Bioware has been quietly working away on another project, rumoured to be called Shadow Realms.

The famed RPG developer have released a new teaser that hints at an upcoming project that is allegedly set to be announced next week at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Though unconfirmed, internet detectives have determined the game is likely called “Shadow Realms” and this latest trailer would suggest the game has a horror slant, but based in a contemporary, modern day setting and involve people discovering they may have supernatural abilities.

The new trailer, along with an earlier one released in late July, have a number of recurring motifs. Rings of fire, a man with smoke in place of his head and both concluding with the words "You have been chosen" which link to a website of the same name. Both trailers are deliberately vague, but for the diligent fan there is more evidence to dig up. IGN posted some information related to an alternate reality game BioWare are engineering that leads to two websites potentially packed with information related to the title. The first one is a blog called, 'written' by a person investigating the disappearance of a friend two years earlier.

The 'evidence' found on that site leads to another website,, designed to look like a university site. What's interesting is that the university's classes begin on the same day the Gamescom reveal is meant to take place and many of the subjects taught there veer closely to the supernatural and the occult. If only UCT offered “The Biological Implications of Mythical Creatures,” “Alchemical Properties of the Noble Metals” and “Martial Tactics Versus Incorporeal Enemies.”

In any event, we'll find out soon enough what Bioware is up to.

Source: Bioware, IGN

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