The Dota 2 International Number Crunch: Statistics and more

The Dota 2 International 2014 concludes this weekend with the main event at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. MWEB GameZone has been covering the event extensively but with a 3 day Dota 2 lull it’s time to focus on the numbers. Here’s some predictions, statistics and more.


Courtesy of Wkyrhm Reddy

The show goes down Friday evening 18:00 below we detail some need to know stuff leading up to the event.

Bracket for main event

After 2 gruelling phases of group stages and playoffs we arrived at our main event bracket. A round of 8 double elimination. Here is your bracket, compliments of Wykrhm Reddy.

All things seemed to have gone as expected, with a few upsets. How does this affect the predictions though?


Here are the previous predictions released prior to the event based on the teams previous performance compiled by Noxville on

Chance of each team being one of the Top 2 Teams.

  • DK 67.55%
  • iG 62.32%
  • Newbee 49.73%
  • EG 12.70%
  • Empire 3.85%
  • VG 1.48%
  • Alliance 1.03%
  • mousesports 0.84%
  • Arrow 0.19%
  • LGD 0.09%
  • C9 0.07%
  • Fnatic 0.07%
  • Titan 0.06%
  • Na'Vi 0.02%
  • Wildcard* 0.00%
  • Na'Vi.US 0.00%

Only ten teams remain after Phase 2, with the bottom six teams in the group stage being eliminated.

Chance of each team being one of the “Top 10”:

  • DK 99.98%
  • iG 99.96%
  • Newbee 99.94%
  • EG 98.46%
  • Empire 91.67%
  • VG 83.99%
  • Alliance 79.87%
  • mousesports 77.62%
  • Arrow 57.34%
  • LGD 47.70%
  • Titan 42.75%
  • Fnatic 42.21%
  • C9 41.52%
  • Na'Vi 31.10%
  • Wildcard* 5.32%
  • Na'Vi.US 0.57%

Let’s look at the “Chance to make top 2”:

With Cloud9, Na`Vi, Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming in the lower bracket I feel IG still has the higher chance to make it into the top two while DK, EG and Newbee being in the upper bracket. The “chance to make top 10” although relevant in statistics at this point in the event we’re down to our top 8. The biggest surprise there was the Wildcard, Team Liquid, who placed 10th overall and surprised everyone with their performance. The other upset was definitely Alliance being knocked out during the group stages.

Updated predictions:

Here is quite an extensive article, once again by Noxville and Datdota on, detailing the predictions leading up to the main event. Just to give you a summary: DK for the win.

My favourite Dota 2 personality, if you can call him that, Wykrhm Reddy also released a strawpoll to see what the community felt. Here are the results


Calling it his “Hype Meter” once again we can see the most favoured team to win: Team DK. LGD sitting at a 15 votes? I think they’re definitely the underdogs to bet on this weekend.

Hero statistics

I detailed in my later recaps this past week all the most picked and least picked heroes. Here they are again:

 Most relevant

  • Lycan - 97.7%
  • Doom - 91.5 %
  • Razor - 89.%
  • Brewmaster - 89.9%
  • Faceless Void - 71.3%

Most picked

  • Razor - 72
  • Skyrwath Mage - 69
  • Rasta - 61
  • Mirana - 61
  • Doom - 46
  • Tidehunter  46

Most Banned

  • Lycan - 108
  • Brewmaster -75
  • Doom -72
  • Tinker - 67
  • Faceless Void - 55
This could help you get a better understanding of the current metagame and what to expect this weekend. Again, thanks to Kpoptosis for this analysis. Read the full detail here.

Fantasty points

Another added feature to tournaments all over was the creation of Fantasy Leagues. Here, like other sports, you pick your all star team. Here are some stats on the top players in the tournament so far. This details the end of the group stage so make sure you’ve updated your teams since then.

Most Kills Per Game: Ferrari_430 — 8.9

Most Hero Damage Per Game: Ferarri_430 — 15223

Most Tower Damage Per Game: Sylar — 3194

Most Assists Per Game: rOtk — 12.7

Least Deaths Per Game: Sylar — 2.0

Highest GPM Per Game: Sylar — 567

Highest XPM Per Game: Arteezy — 546

Most Runes Per Game: Mushi — 5.4

Most Efficient Laner (highest last hits at 15 minutes per game): Qojqva — 86.7

Most Deaths Per Game: Alwayswannafly — 7.1

Main event

The main event, as mentioned in the introduction, is being held at the Key Arena… A basketball stadium. Here are a few photos of the arena.




All images courtesy of Wkyrhm Reddy
This is going to be the biggest Dota 2 event to date. Be sure not to miss this!

All-star match

A compendium stretch goal was voting on two All-star teams comprised of the top players in the world. This match will also be happening this weekend.


Team rOtk:
  • Puppey - Na`Vi
  • s4 - Alliance
  • Burning - Team DK
  • N0tail - Fnatic
  • Ferrari_430 - Invictus Gaming

  • Dendi - Na`Vi    
  • Loda - Alliance
  • Iceiciec -  Team DK
  • ChuaN - Invictus Gaming

I’m not sure who will win this but if it goes by last year we can expect a lot of trolling and fun flaming in this game. Here’s a snip bit of what went down last year.

Classic Dendi!

Where to watch

This weekend the main Dota 2 International channel can be found here. If you want to watch in the Dota 2 client it’s free to watch with a steam account. Do NOT miss out on this.


I’m beyond excited for this weekend. This is our World Cup of Dota 2. The hype for this tournament has been insane and if the matches that led up to this main event are anything to go by we are going to have an amazing weekend of Dota 2. Be sure not to miss out!

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