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eSport's Desk Exclusive Interview: Southern Barbarians wins the ESL Nation's Cup

After a grueling tournament and lengthy three month gap before the finals, the eSport’s Desk welcomes Battlefield 4 (BF4) ESL Nation’s Cup champions, the Southern Barbarians (SB).


Yes, you heard correctly, Southern Barbarians! A South African team taking down the world’s top BF4 teams, what a leap in the right direction! It seems like South Africa is starting to make waves in international eSports and as we look to the future the eSport’s Desk sits down with BF4 champions, the Southern Barbarians.

Comments from the captain

Wessel “Sillicur” Minnie sat down with Barry “Anthrax” Louzada to chat about their final match and tournament, here’s what Anthrax had to say:

“Maps played were Langcang Dam, Hainan Resort and Dawn Breaker the first round was played on Finland’s server which was always going to be tough we have been waiting almost 3 months to play the final and going into the final being unbeaten gave us a one map advantage meaning we only had to win two out of the best of 5 maps.

We lost Langcang Dam on their server but got a really good ticket bleed on their server giving us the advantage going onto our server for the 50/50 play we had decided on. We won the second round and map quite convincingly giving us the total win on Langcang.

Going into the 2nd map Hainan Resort with a 2 – 0 advantage we were quite high in spirits and starting on our server wanted to give it horns and get done nice and early. That wasn’t to be as Finland unfurled and showed us exactly why they were fighting for top spot and gave us a good and proper hiding on our server. Going to their server we knew it was going to be tough to pull a map win out and even though we won the round we lost on tickets.

The 3rd map was on Dawn Breaker and even though we had lost the previous map we were still pretty confident that we could bring it home, we started the map on their server and got taught absolute manners. We lost the round 220 – 0 and were rather glum after that considering we only start with 250 – 0 tickets meaning we had 29 tickets to work with in order to beat Finland and avoid going to a sudden death map which had a lot of air superiority. Changing over to our server a few words were passed back and forward and it was clear Finland were pretty confident they had this in the bag. We started the map and decided we had nothing to lose we had to give it everything we had. Before we even knew it they were on 80 tickets and we had 235 tickets with all the flags in our favour. The round ended on 226 – 0 making us the champions of the ESL Nations Cup 3 – 1.

The cup was a little longer than we thought and there were some really hard times but I am honestly happy with the way everyone played. A lot of time and preparation went into this competition and everyone that was involved has every reason to be proud of our accomplishment and this is for every gamer in South Africa and not just the ones that competed. We have a lot of natural talent in this country and I believe there are a few teams in South Africa that could have EASILY won this competition.”


Anthrax is an interesting fellow, while captaining the Southern Barbarians as well as Bravado Gaming’s BF4 team in his spare time he also has a full time job and a family, really we all have no excuses not to be the best players we can.

The Q’s and A’s

I fired some questions off to a few players to get their feel as well, maybe adding to what Anthrax had to say in his comment above, Renier “Saberfox910” Van Rooyen answered swiftly:

What preparation did you guys go through for the event?

“In the start we had two teams that played against each other mixing up the teams to see what is the best flavour for our little band of barbarians.”

Did the controversy surrounding the event effect you guys at all?

“No, we tried to make time to practice with our own teams and also the Southern Barbarians to keep the balance stable.”

Describe the feeling after you defeated Sweden when the odds were supposedly stacked against you.

“It was the most amazing feeling in my life knowing that my gaming hours have paid off and got me somewhere.”

During the 3 month break before the final what was your primary focus as a team?

“To be honest we did nothing in that time period as Southern Barbarians we all focused on our own local teams taking part in the Do Gaming League.”
What's next for the Southern Barbarians?

“For now I think we are taking a break until there is another big 8v8 battlefield competition where South Africa has shown we are the best.”

Finally I popped a question on the topic we’re all really interested in here, what are your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline?

“It looks promising but we will have to wait and see”

Anthrax also added: “Better hit detection and a lot of possibility for competitive play”

Missed the final?

Not to worry, there’s vod avaliable here, unfortunately it’s from Finland’s point of view, but hey, who doesn’t want to see our boys beating Finland from their POV?

Closing thoughts

I’m all for South African eSports and this has to be one of the single most impressive South African result to date. Today I’m proud to be a South African gamer and I once again, personally, would like to extend my congratulations to the Southern Barbarians. I think more international exposure is needed for great teams like this over all our eSports titles, don’t you agree?

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